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Nancy Trask
These are a few photographs of purple haired Kansas born model Nancy Trask from her first ever nude shoot, “Nancy says Hello” released by Cosmid on 31st October 2016. I am pleased to see that Nancy seems to have got her priorities right by taking off her panties first we that can see her nice shaved innie cunt before releasing her tits from her DD cup bra.

[Image: 5IRUqo5.jpg]

[Image: wz0A0D0.jpg]

[Image: IovV4XX.jpg]

[Image: 4LuRITA.jpg]

[Image: IEPicBe.jpg]
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie
Some more photographs of the pierced, purple haired nude model Nancy Trask showing her nice innie cunt.  These pics are from another set by Cosmid with the title “Nancy by the Pool” which was first seen on 3rd November 2017.

[Image: moNKUGI.jpg]

[Image: 7ehvYir.jpg]

[Image: iIy9RX6.jpg]

[Image: FR2JvVF.jpg]

[Image: fHGOGgn.jpg]
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , DukeDirtyWork
The more photographs that I see of Nancy without her panties on, the more convinced I am that she has a perfect innie cunt. Even in a body suit she can’t disguise her cameltoe!
These photos are from a Cosmid set “Nancy’s Kitchen released on 17th May 2018

[Image: lt0Sxwx.jpg]

[Image: ZmGi2PQ.jpg]

[Image: lMezCxz.jpg]

[Image: uwJq7gP.jpg]

[Image: gPeCEWc.jpg]
Thanks given by: Knightoe , DukeDirtyWork , cumbie , Redpixel

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