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Labia Obsessed Ladies CLUB
2,800 Words
Written by Yerl as
Carol Penbury
As the date approached the numbers rose daily and even the last of the membership invitations were responded to, so we had a possibility of 108 women coming for the first meeting.
The Invitation read:-
Labia Obsessed Ladies
Inaugural Club Meeting
Saturday 15th September
7:30pm @ Mayberry Hall
Stockings and Suspenders
Naked from waist down
Total Vulva Depilation
& Colonic Irrigation
Light refreshments
Please Arrive Aroused
We were shocked and thrilled to receive an acceptance for every Invitation sent and even had another 20 or so women who had appeared in ‘Lips’ magazine requesting to join some begging and willing to pay.
Finally the day arrived and I stood naked with the twins at the porch entrance to the Manor House. Anna directed the members where to park and her being naked but for her stockings, suspenders and heels immediately put the members at rest.
I controlled the gate and had several cameras and screens to monitor before I would let them through the gate and took down their names real or their ‘Lips’ non deplume.
Most of the members arrived with other members but some alone. Amy was in charge of the cloakroom and making sure all the members rid themselves of their skirt, were not wearing panties. Also were wearing stockings and suspenders and most importantly were in a state of arousal before entering the main hall and reception area.
Beyond the reception area Mom had arranged for 120 comfortable armchairs in four circles calculating the exact distance between each chair that would be required for the evenings events.
Slowly the reception hall filled up with semi naked attractive women who all had appeared squatting legs spread wide in the ‘Lips’ magazine to display their large labials.
The noise of the excited chatted and the almost deafening, the overpowering fragrance of aroused women was just wonderfully erotic. The polished wood floor was already speckled with spots of clear liquid.
I was in such a high state of arousal my clitoris was fully erect and my labials insistently pressed into the top of my thighs which shone with my vaginal juices that flowed down my inner thighs and pooled on my stocking tops, this was just pure heaven.
I checked off the last invite everyone who had replied was here plus the few ladies who had gate crashed at a guess we had near 120 women in total.
The atmosphere was absolutely electric; many ladies were already openly masturbating or fondling them selves as mom climbed the stairs to the stage, stretching out her labia petals as she did and stood in front of the microphone with her labials stretched out wide.
I watched from a distance and although mom gave an appearance of confidence I could see her trembling and clear liquid drip from her held open introitus as she surveyed the gathered women in front of her, then taking a deep breath.
“My dear perverted people welcome to the inaugural meeting of the ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’ club…”
In the hard floored entrance hall and the marble walls again amplified the applause to simply deafening, surprising everyone and immediately making everyone giggle in delight with their own and shared enthusiasm.
“Now that is what I call a welcome, you know when Carol my lovely daughter first showed me a copy of ‘Lips’ magazine I was simply overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of its contents, page after page of delicious aroused wet labia..
I really thought at the time that somehow I was different to most women in the fact that I found other women’s genitalia so utterly erotic and beautiful,” said mom with such feeling it invoked a murmur of positive response amongst the gathered women.
“Particularly when the first page fell open where the woman’s labia minoras were extremely large and as large as my own, it was Una from Upton if I recall,” said mom.
“That’s me…,” a shout came from the back of the group of standing women and the group parted to let the middle aged slightly built, grey haired woman step forward.
“Well it is you Una that first made me orgasm while looking at your beautiful large dark pink spread labials,” said mom bending down from the stage to shake Una’s hand.
“Then discussing with Carol we pondered could other women possibly be obsessed with female genitalia as we were, I mean we live breathe and when we can eat…, large labials when we can,” said mom to giggles from the group.
“I mean I can understand ‘Men…,’ being consumed by a total fetish for large labia and clits, but other women and girls…? somehow it seemed strange and very unlikely.
So we started reading some of the letters from the magazine, initially we thought it was a bit of creative journalism by the publisher to sell more magazine copies.
But reading the letter from May of Manchester:-
 ‘As a member of the local Netball Team the showers after the matches are my particular highlight.
With great pride I have to say I am in the forefront of large labia girls in the team, although some other girls are more blessed than I, but am somewhat very proud of my glorious pissflaps…
It is also my observation that the girls with the larger labia are also the ones who are more sexual and have a higher libido. One girl caught me looking at her rather large labials and just smiled and always parts her legs to give me a good view.
Are you here tonight May of Manchester?”
“I most certainly am, Hillary,” said a 30 plus tall athletic red head stepping forward, “and I’m loving every moment of it, all these yummy pissflaps, oh, gawd girls, I just got to lick you all out,” and a ripple of laughter ran around the room.
“And yes…, Hilary and Carol you are not alone in being totally obsessed with girls large labials, I most certainly am!”
“Thank you May of Manchester, I will certainly take a closer look at you later my girl!
Also Inga from Portsmouth and Betty from Birmingham got really worked up about the size of women’s labia, that appeared in Nudists magazines finding them distressingly small or non-existent.
So we began to realise we are not alone in our large labia genital fetish but how could we possibly meet these likeminded women. Enter Mavis from Fred Fletcher Photography who most of us know quite intimately.
Out of her own interest Mavis had been compiling a list of every model that had squatted in front of the camera for the magazine.
Would you believe over 500 women have appeared in the glossy pages some specially blessed ladies have squatted for several issues.
So Mavis pains takingly graded each model only firstly the size and aesthetics of their labials, then she had to get a little more ruthless and slowly pared down the list based on the beauty of the model and her genitals.
But somehow she felt that was not enough and started to investigate each woman’s libido and motivation for appearing in the magazine.
Of course she soon found out some of the motivation was purely monetary, so gorgeous or not they were eliminated from the list. So were those who did it purely for ego or dare.
First she found one model who was really interested in other women’s genitals and she knew another and over the years Mavis compiled a list and ranking based on labia size and obsession of every model that has appeared in ‘Lips’ magazine.
Unfortunately that is as far as this golden list got until one day Carol and myself met Mavis at ‘Fred Fletcher Photography’ for photographic session for us to appear as a centrefold in the magazine.
I expressed an idea wouldn’t it be great to have a small club of women who had appeared in ‘Lips’ and were obsessed with vulva, large labials and clitoris.
And here we are a small club with large assets and libido to match all 120 of us.
So if you would all like to move into the lounge area we can have a couple of drinks and start the evening’s activities,” said mom to more applause.
If I thought the atmosphere was electric before now it was on the verge of igniting as the ladies saw Mavis’s Graphics handiwork she had been very busy in producing large vulva collations plus we had purchased four ‘Great Wall of Vagina’ castings from the well-known sculptor. So the whole lounge was surrounded by images of vulva. There were literally thousands of vulva pictures and some of the women stood in front of the pictures and openly masturbated.
We all filed through to the lounge and I immediately noticed how many women were starting to fondle each other, some feeling each other’s buttocks but mostly they were touching each other’s genitals which I found intensely exciting. I wanted to join in the group frottage but with the twins and mom we had some duties to perform namely serving drinks.
My hands were full with drinks trays so I couldn’t fondle the other women but plenty touched my labials and I ground my hips into their hands until their fingers entered my vagina.
I wasn’t going to miss out on this excitement even though my hands where full, I was going to partake in some really perverted and smutty comments as I handed out the drinks, mainly to see how the women responded to my obscene comments and those who responded likewise would be the focus of my attention later in the evening where I hoped to use my tongue again but not linguistically.
“Wow…, your pissflaps nice and red did you wank before you came tonight, oh, would like a drink,” I said offering the tray of drinks to the first skinny brunette.
“Yeah continually since I got the invitation, I’ve hardly slept thinking of all the huge piss flaps that would be here tonight, white wine thanks, isn’t it heaven?”
“It sure is don’t worry by the end of the night your tongue and jaw will be aching,” I said moving on to the next group of women.
“Who is up for some nice anus licking and pee drinking once we get pissed hey?” I said getting groped again.
Then to the next group as they took drinks from my tray, “Anybody up for some double fisting tonight, because I’m aching to have my holes stretched to the limit.”
I made my way back to the bar to get more drinks and groped every woman I came to, I’d fingered six women’s vaginas and pulled another six women’s labials before I got back to the bar I was getting really, really aroused it was almost too much, but there again not enough. I sniffed the air the female genital fragrance just filled the air it was just simply intoxicating.
I moved back amongst the crowd of excitedly chatting women now the groping of each other genitals became the focus of the evening and after a while mom realised it was time to move on in the evenings activities.
Mom tapped her wine glass with a teaspoon, “Ladies may I have your attention,” shouted mom and the room fell immediately silent to mom’s surprise.
“Thank you I can see by the mutual touching feeling of each other labia we are ready to move on to our first activity of the evening could you all please take a seat in the circles.”
The women all moved to the chairs and sat down and the chatting increased again, mom walked to a point between the circles of chairs.
“Now, I think it is time to expose our true beauty to each other, can you all please open your legs wide move your bums closer to the edge of the chair and drape your legs over the arms of your chair.
Groans of delight swept the room as all the women could now clearly see each other’s genitals. Mom waited for the room to go quiet again, “Now ladies with your first fingers only spread your pissflaps so we can all see your cunts, everyone have a good look around at all this gorgeous wet cunt,” said mom almost panting because she had the best view as the only one standing.
I held my labials open and tensed my introitus sphincter to make me wink like a mare on heat. Soon a woman opposite me was doing the same and them another woman until all of the women in our circle of chairs was doing it.
The more we got aroused by flexing our cunts the wetter we all got until some women were actually making wet and sloppy noises with their open cunts.
Soon the other circles of women cottoned on to what we were doing until 120 open legged aroused women were winking their cunts in unison and the whole hall was filled with groans of ecstasy and giggles.
“Wow ladies now we didn’t plan for that to happen but wow how gorgeous was it to all those cunts winking in unison, shame we didn’t have some music for accompaniment we could sell a million DVD’s I reckon and break all records on ‘U-tube’ I reckon, so why we are still in the mood now you’ll find out why we put all the chairs in circles,” said mom now breathing deeply.
Hilary & Carol Penbury had been waiting for this next moment it was to be the culmination of all their planning hopes, desires and fantasies, “ Ladies now for the moment I have dreamed of…, could you please reach over to the lady next to you on either side and take hold of their labia petals,” said Hilary working on her clitoris with vigour.
Some didn’t quite understand but I knew exactly what mom wanted, I reached over and took hold of the woman’s labia either side of me with my first finger and thumb and stretched them open. Both groaned in delight as they also pulled on my labials opening my introitus wide, it just felt awesome to be so exposed internally to so many.
Like the vulva winking the women opposite me soon got the idea and started stretching their neighbour’s labials. Then the other circles of ladies followed suit and the groans of collective ecstasy increased.
“Now.., ladies what I want you to do is…,” said mom having to take a drink of water as she could not get the words out as her body trembled with an involuntary orgasm,” I want you to pull as hard as you can…,” gasped mom.
The groans filled the hall as women pulled with all their strength on their neighbour’s labials stretching them out across their open legs, for ten long minutes we groaned in ecstasy. I orgasmed and so did others, some almost continually.
“Now let go,” shouted mom and gasps of relief filled the room followed by gales of laughter.
Everyone’s labials were still aroused and open wide and it the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in my life.
“Please masturbate girls let’s hear those orgasms, be as vocal as you want, let it out enjoy your beautiful cunts, you gorgeous perverted women!”
Mom was shaking so much she had to sit down for a moment and just watched what was happening in the room.
Within half an hour everywoman had orgasmed some like myself many times but were now exhausted but totally ecstatic.
I got up with the twins and staggered to the bar to pour more drinks and layout some finger food. The women gathered in groups and happily chatted away or performed cunnilingus on each other or continued to masturbate.
After delivering drinks for half an hour or so my clitoris was aching like never before, I’d seen so many women with their legs wide open being licked by enthusiastic members I thought it was my turn.
I handed my tray to a woman who had just orgasmed after being licked out by three other women in turn and took her place. Within in seconds of me spreading my legs a woman in her fifties that I barely recognised dove between my legs and started deep probing of my vagina with her tongue as she slipped three fingers into my anus.
Before I laid back to enjoy what was being performed on my genitals I looked up to see several women forming a queue to go down on me. The woman sucked my labials deep into her mouth and I laid back and closed my eyes.
I wasn’t closing my eyes to sleep and dream, I was living a dream, and I inhaled deeply through my nose sucking in the heavenly fragrance of over a hundred aroused vaginas.
The inaugural meeting of the club for ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’ was certainly a success by any standards that mom and I could ever have dreamt of…
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