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Who is this stunning online beauty?
Hey folks,
I was just browsing some porn websites and all of a sudden stumbled upon this incredibly beauty here:

Unfortunately, this gallery there is just a mixed one with some random photos of both, professional and amateur models. So, by chance, does anyone here know more about her?
Are there any more photos of her huuuuuge inner labia somewhere on the web? And do you think her lips are real or are they just photoshopped?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , xxl4skin
That is the wonderful Honeylane, owner of the most beautiful labia in the world, who actually introduced the world to her stunning labia on this very site. They are most definitely real and she has the longest butterfly and wingspan I have ever seen, with her spread unpulled lips being longer than any of the models that I have photographed fully stretched lips.

I had hoped to photograph her and even went to the effort of travelling from the UK to USA earlier this year in the hope of doing so. Unfortunately, things went badly wrong and I didn't even get to meet her when I was over there.

Sadly she has has stopped all communication and has totally disappeared Sad
Thanks given by: cumbie , xxl4skin , Joey Beverage75

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