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Labia Obsessed Ladies Club - Part Three
Labia Obsessed Ladies Club
6,050 Words
Written by Yerl as
Carol Penbury
“All us you mean there is more like us,” exclaimed mom.
“Seee…, mom I told you Mavis would be able to help us with club members,” I blurted in excitement.
Mom could hardly get out the words as she squeaked, “Do you have a list, we could perhaps borrow to contact the ‘Ladies’?
“I’ll do better than that over the years I have been compiling a list with all rating for every woman we have photographed for ‘Lips’, which I might add is quite a few hundred,” said Mavis bursting with pride.
“Awesome, and what was your selection criteria,” I asked excitedly.
“Well, with the number involved I could be quite brutal, in as much any overweight got put right to the bottom of the list, so…, remember every woman in the magazine has sizeable labias, so we can get picky, firstly they have to be motivated like us, basically labia obsessed,’ said Mavis now panting in excitement.
“L.O.L.” I said.
“Yes…, then labia size and shape of course, sexuality, libido, perversion and good looks, I gave each woman a score of one to five for each category then on a spreadsheet I totalled up their scores and sorted them in order,” said Mavis giving us a huge smile as she stood up to walk over to a filing cabinet and take out a thick plain covered dossier and handed it to us sat down again I started to masturbate as she watched us.
The first page is the list of women in order of merit, second page is their non-deplume, real name, what issues they appeared in, their address and contact details. The top one hundred I have tried to keep in regular contact with and those are the ones that have appeared in several issues also some of our allied magazines, like close-up pissers and squirters.
Third page is what details of their life I have managed to glean by a little researched, if they are married with children etcetera, especially if they have daughters who could be potential future models having the right genes you might say.
Then there is all their photographs, that’s just the top 100,” she said with a sardonic grin over her face.
“And I thought I was obsessed, wow this brilliant, how many, do you think we should invite into the club?” mom said.
“Well if we invite all 100 that will give us a direct percentage,” I said.
“I’ve thought long and hard about this and I would confidently predict quite a high percentage would accept, of course then you have decide how a hundred plus cunt flashing women could meet, too many for someone’s house,” said Mavis now pursing her lips.
“Well I might just be able to help there being in Real Estate, I’ll do some research, believe me there is quite a few large functions go on that are not made public, some of them down right illegal at least we don’t have that aspect to worry about,” said mom with a nod of confidence.
“I’ll compose a letter of invitation, I’ll have to emphasise privacy and security but invoke their interest in meeting like minded women who are all attractive,” I said.
“So this is the top 100 how many women in total have appeared in the pages of ‘Lips’ for various reasons, reward, interest a dare etc.” Mom asked.
“I would say about 500 in total over the years, not all photographed here we have several photographers over the country supporting the magazine, “said Mavis.
“So large labias are more common than I thought,” said mom.
“Oh, no, Hilary, quite the reverse we are quite rare, in fact very rare. I gleaned from ‘’ that only 1 in 5,000 women have large labias and they say if you had the good fortune to examine one woman a day to see if they had large labias it would take you fifteen years before you found one,” said Mavis.
“No…,” said mom in disbelief.
“Mom how many women do you know with huge pissflaps like us,” I said and you’ve been down on quite a few women in your time I bet.
“I have, lost count in fact but your right Mavis, I can’t remember any of them being even slightly close to what I have, in fact some were down right rude calling me a freak,” said mom.
“Oh, no that’s terrible don’t they know real beauty when they see it,” I said in shock and disgust.
“That is why this Club, Support Group idea of yours is important, that is why I have spent countless hours compiling all this data on LOL’s, write that invitation Carol and I’ll send out to the first 100 pissflap Queens, so now we got that all sorted you ready to be fucked by Fred then photographed for the ‘Club…’ magazine,” said Mavis and we all laughed.
“Ooo, yes please,” purred mom.
“O.K., then skirts off and go through to the studio Fred’s in the darkroom he’ll be out in a minute.”
We didn’t need asking twice as we quickly dropped our skirts to the floor and stepped out of them and headed for the studio.
“Excuse me ladies do you think I could take a look at you first,” said Mavis getting up from behind her desk to kneel in front of us, we both half squatted and Mavis examined us both gave both of our clits a quick lick and stood up and ushered us through the studio door.
Mom let out a low whistle in surprise as we entered the studio; it was not what we were expecting at all. Slowly we turned around looking at all the photographs neatly framed and hung on the walls, we heard Mavis snigger behind us.
“I think we could surmise Fred Fletcher is definitely behind the LOL cause,” mom said as we surveyed hundreds of close-up vulva photographs in all states of arousal.
We slowly moved around the studio looking at each photograph in detail, some we recognised from the magazine, most we had not seen not all of them were of large labias, some had none at all. We both commented on each one and Mavis followed us around filling in with some pertinent details about the women.
“This wall is devoted to the top 100,” said Mavis as we stood in awe of the collective beauty of the collection of large labias.
“Bet you’ve licked a few of them Mavis,” I said cheekily.
“I have and my mission in life is to go down on all of them,” she said.
“It is certainly my ambition as well,” said mom quietly gently touching her own engorged labials.
“You like my handy work then?” came a voice behind us, we turned around to see a grey haired stoutly built gentleman in his early sixties.
‘It’s a shrine to true feminine beauty Mr. Fletcher, you should be very proud of what you have achieved and it’s an honour to be here,’ I said genuinely moved.
“Well Carol and Hilary it’s nice to meet so beautiful women motivated by sight of so many cunts, if you don’t mind me using the ‘C’ word,” said Fred with a laugh.
“Quite the contrary, Cunt is a beautiful word it conveys so much power and beauty,” I said.
“How old are you Carol you look twelve, Jim Sutton says you fuck like a real whore,” said Fred reaching to touch my vulva.
“Well Mr. Fletcher, there is one way to find out don’t you think, although I understand you are blessed with a full ten inches, something not yet within my experience,” I said.
“Me neither but I’m ready and very willing Mr. Fletcher,” said Mom.
Fred smiled at us both, “Call me Fred, eh,” he said with a warm smile.
I slowly shook my head to his surprise, “You will always be Mr. Fletcher to me sir, what you have done with your life’s work is nothing short of inspirational, and I am and will always will remain your servant,” I said with a slight waiver in my voice.
“Wow, I like your attitude Carol,’ said Fred impressed by my subservience.
“Hilary and carol have asked my help to from a club especially for ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’, ladies who adore cunt and especially large labia.
“Wow, now I am impressed that sounds absolutely glorious, oo, imagine me taking a club photo with you all spread, I’d faint,” he chuckled and we all joined in.
“So…, what I usually do is before and after sex photos, so if you’d like to take a seat and spread your legs we’ll get the first ones over with and then prepare you both for the second session.
Needless to say the preparation for the second set of photographs was extremely painful, after all it was only my second fucking and I still hurt from Jim Suttons pounding of my vagina. It hurt so much in fact I cried with the pain but Jim seemed oblivious of my suffering.
Mom absolutely loved her fucking and was truly ecstatic and sucked Fred’s cock totally clean.
The photographic session went well and we all well pleased with the results and the cream pie shots were just beautiful and I really felt proud of my beautiful large labias and clitoris.
“Alright ladies I’ll leave you to it I have work to do in the dark room, Mavis will send off your pics to the publishers, so when will they appear in the mag Mavis,” asked still with his semi erect huge penis still hanging out of his trousers and still dripping semen.
“Not this next issue, but in about six weeks time enough time to put together some nice ads for LOL,” said Mavis with a chuckle of delight.
“Look forward to that group photo of LOL club members it will be awesome,” said Fred and he disappeared through a door.
We all looked at each other and laughed like a bunch of giggling school girls, Mavis slipped off her skirt made us coffee and we sat around open legged discussing the club formation.
“Are there any other mom & daughter models,” mom asked.
“There was actually, but they are not obsessed they were just after the money and to tell you the truth I doubt if they were even related but their vulvae’s were very similar, as I said they thought it was a lurk to get more money out of us. We did have an increase in sales on that copy but I had my doubts.”
“Can you see a family relationship in our vulvas,” I asked opening my labials.
“I’ve been studying vulvas for many years, I can definitely see a family resemblance not so much in your labials as you are both quite different but your clits are identical in shape and size which is basically, huge…,” said Mavis and mom and myself high fives.
“So, what do we do after coffee and group masturbation?” asked mom with snigger as we all started to masturbate in earnest.
After we all orgasmed Mavis said, “Lunch I think at I nice pub I know and we can talk cunt in privacy.”
We didn’t need convincing and we all piled into Mavis’s rather smart Mercedes and headed for the country leaving my two seater sports behind.
We all had a roast and a couple of drinks and felt life was pretty good as we sat in the Al Fresco area.
“Do you realise, we don’t have a pair of panties between the three of us,” said mom feeling comfortable in the warm afternoon sun.
Mom opened up her legs wide and pulled up her skirt, “ Oo, that’s nice feeling the sun on my cunt lips. By gawd I enjoyed that fuck.”
“You’ll get us arrested,” I said.
“No, stay like that Hilary lets see how these two young women react to seeing some naked vulva,” said Mavis pulling up her skirt hem and spreading her legs, “and you Carol.”
I immediately obeyed and exposed my naked vulva to the sun and air draping my legs over the arms of the armchair, if anything now I was showing the most of what I had between my legs.
I looked over my shoulder at the approaching women with drinks in hand, my mouth dropped open they were just drop dead gorgeous both of them, I looked back around at mom and she was laughing, and I opened my legs further and quickly masturbated to enlarge my labias.
Both of the women were in the mid to late twenties, both looked like models promoting some company because both had on a very short and low cut body hugging tube dress of a bright blue.
“Afternoon ladies”, said Mavis suddenly squinting at the more voluptuous of the two blonds.
The two beauties looked over to Mavis taking in her naked vulva one gasped and one said, “Mavis Jenkins, do you remember me Chloe from Cardiff,” she announced shaking her head form side to side, “Really Ira Stevenson from Huddlesfield, I was issue 150, 210 & 302, I think do you remember me?”
“I’d recognise you pussy dear but not your face,” said Mavis.
“Now by the looks of it these two ladies are also models from ‘Lips’, what issue were you in, oh, sweetie your huge said Ira reaching down to touch my labia.
“Just been photographed got to wait six weeks to see our cunts in print,” I said.
“I know it’s a hell of a wait, it nearly killed me but I was so proud to see my treasure in print, here Mavis now do you recognise me,” said Ira squatting down and pulling her panties to one side and her labias just fell out.
“I do,’ I said quickly, “you have a diamond stud through your clit!”
She pulled back the hood of her clitoris to reveal a gold stud with a diamond at each end.
“Wow I’m impressed sweetie you certainly know your cunts,” said Ira astounded.
“If you’ve large labias, I’ll remember you for ever, how about your friend Ira she’s in a little state of shock I think,” I said looking at the skinny blond who looked very nervous.
“Oh, I’m sorry this is my friend and colleague Inga Sorenson, we are on a promotion tour at the moment, lots of Champagne and having our bum pinched, haven’t we Inga,” said Ira.
“Yes…, but you seem to cope with it better than I do, so when you told me you had been in some soft porn magazine shoots it was this ‘Lips’ magazine?”
“Yes, Mavis will tell you all about it she virtually runs the show,” said Ira looking directly at Mavis.
“Well it’s a magazine that has been published over the last thirty years and mainly consists of close-up photographs of women’s labia with an accent on ladies with large labia as you can see with your friend Ira, Hilary and young Carol here all being blessed with large labia minora, oh, and myself of course as you can see.
We are currently reforming the magazine to be a support group and club for women who are obsessed with their labia and other women’s.”
“Wow you better count me in Mavis, send me an application from, you want some money now?” Said Ira.
I turned to look up at the skinny blond with good sized perfectly shaped breasts, “What about you Inga do you qualify to be in the ‘Lips’ magazine?”
“Is this club for men and women?”
“Definitely no men, but why do you ask that Inga,” asked Mom.
“Because I’m gay, and I’d love to be with you beautiful women but I don’t know if…,” she stammered.
“Your pissflaps are big enough,” I said and she nodded.
“Well Inga show them,” said Ira.
Inga nervously looked around the Pub Al fresco area until she was satisfied it was safe to expose herself.
She sat down next to mom on the cane setting settee, I looked up her mini-skirt then looked back at her face then her throat because the bulge in panties was so large I immediately thought she was a Transsexual.  There was no give away Adam’s apple her face was extraordinary pretty and feminine, I took a deep breath in anticipation.
Inga looked around at all our faces, closed her eyes and pulled her panties to one side and we burst out in a squeal of delight and rapturous applause as her absolutely enormous labials fell out of her panties.
Her enormous pissflaps were a dark chocolate and bunched up and extremely wrinkled from being compressed and constrained in her panties. Mom leaned forward to gain a better look at her genitals then reached between her legs and pulled on her labia petals until they were at full stretch at some 8” then let them go and they hung down like curtains.
We all applauded again and Inga opened her tear filled eyes, “you don’t think they’re ugly then?”
“Ugly…” squeaked Mavis, then put her hand over her mouth because she was too loud, “how can anything so beautiful be called ugly, sweetie you’re a Queen, I studied labias for years I’ve seen literally hundreds but you my sweet are the Queen of them all.”
I slipped off my chair and kneeled in front of Inga who now was softly sobbing, mom put her arm around her shoulders to comfort her.
I said, “May I…,” Inga nodded, I reached out and lifted her labials with my finger tips with absolute reverence pushed her clitoral hood back with my thumbs to expose an enormous penis sized clitoris, “Oh, Inga you just don’t realise how special you are, do you?”
“Your not kidding me are you, I mean since my labias grew at puberty I thought I was a freak and so scared someone would find out and humiliate me,” she said still sobbing but mom kissed her and kissed her until she began to smile.
“I’ve been working with you for nearly five years now and all that time I’ve been hiding the size of labias from you and look at the size of you, you gorgeous thing, wow I’m so jealous!” said Ira getting out of her chair to kiss Inga.
We all got up in turn to kiss the sobbing but smiling Inga.
“Inga will you do us the honour of Joining our new club called ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’, and be our Number One Founder member and our Mascot said Mavis slipping to her knees to kneel reverently in front of the overwhelmed Inga.
She cleared her voice, “You know in the back of my mind, I just knew this would happen, oh, yes I’d love to be a member of your club, I love my cunt and at last I can show it to the world, oh, how many members do you have?”
Mavis made a show of counting us all, “At the moment we have…, five,” said Mavis and we all laughed.
“But we will shortly be sending out a hundred invitations to join our club,” I said.
“You have a hundred other women with large labias?” said Inga in a higher pitch.
“Oh, we have hundreds on our listings but at the moment we are only sending out invitation to those ladies who live, breathe and eat labias,” said Mavis.
“This is just awesome, can I have another look at you all please?” croaked Inga in excitement.
We all didn’t need asking twice as we all displayed our wet and aroused vulvas to Inga, who took time to study each of our vulvas. “Well Carol I think you run a second place to me, then my dear friend Ira, who I am going to lick out for the next week,” said Inga and we all giggled like schoolgirls, “Then I think Hilary and Mavis are quite equal in size, oh this is so wonderful, imagine all one hundred members gathered together displaying their vulvas, wow, I don’t think I’ll be sleeping to much tonight.”
“Me neither, often if I may ask Inga do you masturbate?”
“I masturbate a lot, but I suppose I orgasm about five times a day.”
“And everybody else?” I asked and I got all the same answer all about five times a day with the exception of Mavis who was about seven to eight times a day.
We all had some more drinks and spent the next hour giggling and chatting, Ira and Inga had to go back to promoting an Auto Spares Company and as much as we cajoled them they wouldn’t dispose of their panties for the rest of the day.
Mavis took us back to the office and mom and I climbed into my car a little worse for wear and I drove home via some back streets.
As soon as we in the front door we were in each others arms and kissing passionately.
“How did you like Inga’s pissflaps?” mom asked when we broke our embrace.
“Have you ever seen anything so awesome? I mean the poor girl is an absolute beauty anyway but she had no idea how special she is here,” I said reaching up my mom’s skirt to cup her wet labias in my hand.
“Well from now on she will be under no illusion on how damn special is, I mean the size of her clitoris alone never mind her labias, wow, come on time for that later we have to get the letter of invitation nutted out and sent out to all these special women,” mom said removing my finger from her introitus.
A couple of hours later a several cups of strong coffee we were close to the final draft of the letter of invitation, I took a deep breath, “O.K., listen to this:-
My Dear Blah, Blah,
Re: Invitation to Join an Exclusive Woman Only Club.
Your name has been given to us by a mutual friend, like us you have appeared in the magazine ‘Lips’, some of you have appeared several times in differing issues of the magazine over the years.
What we have in common in appearing in the magazine is a deep and loving feeling for the sheer beauty of our feminine attributes admirably displayed in the pages of Lips Magazine.
Many hundreds of women have appeared in the magazine over its thirty years publication, but only a few of that number are being invited to join this Elite Women’s Club.
We forward your invitation because we know you share our total obsession for your own and others ‘Labia Minora’.
We have decided to provisionally name our Club, LOL standing for ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’ and Lots of Love being what we feel for our gift of femininity..
We ask you to  keep this invitation and your membership totally confidential for the welfare and security of other members.
Please fill out the enclosed consent and application form and email to blah, blah, blah..
We can knock it around a bit and send a copy to Mavis for approval, what do you think?” I asked mom.
“Well, who knows how it will be received, some women will be ecstatic some not pleased to receive such a solicitation for such a overtly perverted sexual club but we have to rely on Mavis’s intuition in selecting who she has on the list.”
“I suppose you have to imagine if you suddenly had this email pop up at home, hopefully all the women’s emails are their private and personal ones and for their eyes only,” I said.
“Well if I got an email like this out of the blue, I’d orgasm on the spot at the thought of meeting a whole bunch of ladies with large labias,” said mom leaning over me to kiss me.
‘It’s too awesome to imagine isn’t it a room full of labia Obsessed women displaying themselves,” I groaned.
“Send it to Mavis, and while you’re waiting for a reply draw up a simple membership form, you want something to eat?” I smiled broadly, “I mean food,”
Mom retorted.
Within half an hour the email came back from Mavis with a few changes that made it more inviting and personal and less formal.
I spent the next hour imputing all the email addresses then sending out all one hundred invitations with one keystroke.
A bite of a sandwich and I headed for the shower and went to bed without my mom.
I woke up in the morning feeling rather sore between my legs and a bit of a headache. I had the suddenly ghastly thought I had to go to work; the last two days had totally worn me out.
Meanwhile mom was already at work looking for venues where we could hold LOL meetings and be secure and safe from prying eyes. Basically so we could strip off to display our feminine charms and two where we could perform sex acts and not be discovered or observed.
It was a difficult task and it wasn’t easy to know who to ask.
Hilary pulled out a copy of ‘Lips” from the stack she had brought with her and flicked to the back pages where there was a plethora of small single column ads advertising a broad variety of goods and services the majority all relating to sex workers but one small ad raised her attention.

“Private and secluded venue available for large or small BDSM Dungeon sessions, wow that sounds a possibility, women being caned would make a hell of a racket,” Hilary out loud to no one but herself.
She dialled the number, “Hello Aphrodite’s Leasing, Diana speaking how may I help you?”
“Oh, hello my name is Hilary Penbury and I am the representative of a ladies club that is looking for a venue for private meetings,” said Hilary sliding her hand up her skirt to comfort her aching clitoris.
“May I ask you where you got this number from?”
“From ‘Lips’ magazines are you totally familiar with the magazine or are your adverts placed carte blanche?”
“Most certainly not we are extremely selective where the adverts are placed, and I am very familiar with the magazine, Issue 322 I think I’m in, Page 35, I think, that is why under my recommendation that we placed the advert in there,” said Diana with a little giggle.
“Issue 322, you said?”
“Yes, page 35, I’m sure,” said the puzzled Diana.
“Millie from Malvern?”
“Yes…, you have that copy obviously?” said Diana excitedly.
“Long thin dark lips, and a rather large pink shiny clit with a gold bar piercing?”
“Yes…, yes that’s my cunt, wow, this is awesome, are you in the Mag?”
“With my daughter, some great cream pies from the same source,” said Hilary proudly.
“Awesome…, with your daughter, I’m afraid my daughters are little too young.”
“Well they have the right genes and potential to be just like mom is,” said Hilary with a lump in her throat at the thought.
“I certainly hope so, now is this to do anything with an invitation I have just received from the LOL Club?”
Hilary quickly scanned the spread sheet of the first 100, “Absolutely yes, you are on the list as number 26!”
“Oh wow.., and you want hire our venue for meetings of the LOL club,” asked Diana finding it hard to hide her excitement.
“Most definitely yes, do you think it will be suitable?”
“Well it has had a chequered life, first built as a Country Home in the 19th century, got taken over by the MoD during the war, converted into a health resort that sent the owners broke. It stands in its own grounds completely fenced off in 50 acres of forest, totally secluded and safe.”
“So in recent times what sort of events have been held there, anything risqué?”
”Absolutely, mostly nudist clubs, of rather a hands on nature, BDSM club meetings and I didn’t tell you this, a ‘Suicide Club,’ we had to put a stop to that one but I’m sure they have just gone else where,” said Diana.
“Well I think the Liberal Nudists is more in our line, because I’m pretty sure we are doing nothing illegal at all,” said Hilary.
“Would you like to go and see, we can wander around there naked if you want.”
“Now I’m not going to pass up an opportunity like that do you mind if I bring some other founder members along?”
“Do I mind you mean other large labia women?”
“Absolutely,” Hilary said with a giggle.
Two days later all five of us were sitting in Mavis’s Mercedes outside some pretty impressive wrought iron gates, mom got out her phone.
“Hi, Diana we are here,” said mom into her phone and immediately the gates began to open.
We all started to strip off as best as we could in the car and all giggled and laughed in our excitement in helping each other strip off our clothing.
We rounded the corner to see the impressive old mansion with three naked figures standing out in front of the splendid porch.
“My, my Diana has brought her daughters along too,” said mom with a low whistle.
“I thought you said her daughters were too young, they look my age,” I said from the back seat delighted to see two more naked teens.
“And what is more,” Mavis groaned, “they are identical twins!”
“Stand aside ladies let me through,” I said smacking my lips lips.
I was out of the car and threw the last vestige of my clothing into the back seat and strode over to the twins drinking in their naked bodies as I did. They were as skinny and totally flat as I am although they had at least six inches in height over me.
I shook Diana’s hand, introduced myself then turned to the twins I put myself between them and reached for their naked buttocks and pulled them close into feeling their delicious soft skin of their young buttocks.
“Hi, I’m carol, wow, aren’t you two gorgeous and aren’t we lucky to have such a gorgeous moms to perve on,” I said and they both giggled.
“Mom tells me you are in the next issue of ‘Lips’?” said one twin.
“Yes I am a centrefold spread with my mom.”
“We are desperate to do the same but mom is so worried we maybe identified somehow,” said the other twin, “do you think our labias are big enough to members of the LOL club?”
“Let’s find somewhere private so I can closely examine you both, plus I want to see how identical you two are down there,” I said walking towards the house oblivious of the other women as I slid my hand around to their anus and toyed with their sphincters, thinking they felt very similar.
I suddenly thought, “How old are you girls, your mom indicated  a few days ago you would not be old enough to be in ‘Lips” magazine,” I said suddenly nervous of what I had been just doing.
“Nearly 20,” said one twin.
“Phew, I’m nearly nineteen, wow you do look young for your age,” I almost groaned in embarrassment.
“As you do Carol, it’s probably the fact we don’t have the slightest indication of any tits between the three of us,” said one twin and we all giggled.
“You have enormous labia though Carol, they are so beautiful, you must be very proud of them,” said the other twin.
“Have you seen Inga’s labia and clitoris?” I said and the twins shook their pretty heads in unison.
“Go and have a look she is absolutely humungous, when her clit is erect she could fuck you,” I said nodding my head in Inga’s direction.
“We’ll have a look at her in a minute will you examine us first,” said one of them as she sat down on a wicker armchair and draped her legs over the arms as I did for Jim Sutton when he took my cherry.
The other twin followed her sister and they both held themselves open for a vulva inspection. I looked from one sister to the next, their vulva were nearly but not quite identical.
“I think I would be able to tell you apart, just by the shape and colour of your labia Petals, your clits are the same nice and visible and you have a nice labia spread now stretch your selves out as hard as you can,” I said enjoying the spectacle of two near identical cunts in front of me.
“Let them go,” I said and I watched their labials return to their normal size.
“We’re not up to the standard yet are we?”
I pursed my lips, but did not answer.
“We could really work on each other for the next few months then perhaps we will qualify,” said one of the twins apologetically.
“You will both need to visit Jim Sutton and Fred Fletcher for a regular fucking as well,” I said, ‘Maybe even..”
“What?” they asked in unison.
“Do some dogging,” I said with my heart in my mouth thinking they may freak out.
“Perhaps we could go dogging together,” a twin said.
I’d been caught out a little here in my own sexual excitement, “O.K., but not that I have any experience in dogging myself, it would be a new experience for me too,” I said feeling a little embarrassed.
‘Well that gives us something to look forward to but I suggest we keep that little adventure to ourselves and not tell our mommies,” said one twin.
“We should set ourselves a target number of sucks and fucks, saying two to one,” said the other.
“Ooo, more like three to one, so what would be our minimum number of fucks before Christmas?” I asked.
“So it’s July now, so say 5 months at three fucks a week for 20 weeks so that would be 60 fucks and a 180 sucks, I think that could be a tad ambitious, nice thought though,” said a twin.
“Why don’t we just concentrate on the running of the LOL club and worry about getting fucked later,” I said and they both nodded in agreement.
“Lets have a look at Inga’s pissflaps; I’m Anna by the way and this is my beautiful sister Amy.
“And Amy has the darker pissflaps, and its not just Inga’s pissflaps that are huge, she has a clit like a boy’s dick!”
“Ooo..,” they both chimed together.
We caught up to our moms, Ira, Inga and Mavis, we admired their naked buttocks and the twins kept trying to get a better look at Inga’s vulva as we toured the old stately home.
We ended up in the conservatory were Diana had brought a picnic basket full of goodies for morning tea. We chatted and laughed and all of us spread our legs wide over the chair arms to display our charms to the delight of Amy & Anna.
“Well I think you will agree this would be the ideal venue for the LOL club meetings?” asked Diana.
“I Can’t get out of my head the thought of 100 naked women walking around here,” said Inga reaching down to hold her erect clitoris and masturbating.
Within a few seconds all eight of us were masturbating and when Inga orgasmed she squirted and sprayed us all and we all squealed with delight.
We spent a long time kissing and fondling each other before we finally got dressed and departed.
It seemed an eternity before all the invitations to join the club were returned and summer was passing and what we didn’t want was to get into winter as it wouldn’t be conducive for members to strip off in the cold.
We totalled up the final numbers, we had 94 replies so far plus mom, Mavis, Inga Ira, Diana, myself and Anna and Amy as associate members making a total of 102 definite members.
Finally the invitation was sent out for the inaugural meeting of the ‘Labia Obsessed Ladies’ was sent out and we waited to see how many responded to the RSVP.
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Great story! I think Mavis should be filming in the category . I have seen similar girls on this site, and they are gorgeous. I want to invite this girl to start filming. I'm sure she will succeed.
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