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Kristy Kern

Kristy Kern aka Brooke Thomsen, Gigi, Gigi A, Kristy, Kristy Jessica, Pure Rebel, Rebel

Kristy Kern was born in 1989 in Seattle, WA and began posing nude when she was 18, but it was not until 2013 that any photographs of her appeared in the internet. Since then there was nothing of her until 2016 when Cosmid began releasing occasional sets of her as Kristy Kern. Here are a selection of Cosmid photographs of her showing off her 33C-24-34 figure …

[Image: 1RvhrAG.jpg]

[Image: ce7Faf3.jpg]

[Image: L3ixgqj.jpg]

[Image: HhuYOBD.jpg]

[Image: EPk8ggz.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , butterdog

These pics of Kristy, which were taken back in 2013, are probably the first nude pics of her to appear on the net. They are from two sets, “Take 1” and “Take 2” which were posted by Erotic Beauty in November 2013 when she was using the name Gigi A.

[Image: 6ajw528.jpg]

[Image: 5L7Awn0.jpg]

[Image: osO8M6q.jpg]

[Image: hQohtZi.jpg]

[Image: jutVYhu.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , butterdog

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