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Kendra Spade
AKA: Kendra, Kendra Spades

Kendra Spade was born in Washington State on 11 May 1998.
Her birth name is Michaela McCormick and her measurements are 32D-26-37.

[Image: U7lSRg0.jpg]

[Image: dpg8P15.jpg]

[Image: B8Pjgzn.jpg]

[Image: oOlOhRx.jpg]

[Image: rN2uLlx.jpg]

Thanks given by: Redpixel , cumbie , butterdog , woohoo , OnanCummings , eldios86
It has been several months since I introduced Miss Kendra Spade to the Forum, so here are another selection of photographs of her showing her nice meaty cunt lips …

[Image: VXFwN7N.jpg]

[Image: aRi4etu.jpg]

Here she is with her cunt completely unshaved …

[Image: mYkbAab.jpg]

[Image: Nm22WPx.jpg]

This is one of my favourite pics of Kendra holding her cunt wide open so that she can take a close-up selfie of her piss hole and her vagina

[Image: 2060mv1.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , Clintoris , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
Here is another selection of photographs of Kendra Spade showing her nice meaty cunt lips.

Credits:  Pic #1 Web Young ,  Pic #2 Sweetheart Video,   Pic #3 Jules Jordan,   Pics #4 & #5 Evil Angel.

[Image: JYsEjfU.jpg]

[Image: KKPe2nz.jpg]

[Image: svzT0lk.jpg]

[Image: XPRvbOX.jpg]

[Image: onDibpe.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , Redpixel , eldios86
Pictures of Kendra Spade from DigitalDesire's Set 330082, June 7, 2019 ...  2000 x 3000

[Image: th_415372105_Kendra_Spade_d_d_330082_1_122_109lo.jpg] [Image: th_415378661_Kendra_Spade_d_d_330082_2_122_56lo.jpg] [Image: th_415381993_Kendra_Spade_d_d_330082_3_122_109lo.jpg]

[Image: th_415385739_Kendra_Spade_d_d_330082_4_122_464lo.jpg] [Image: th_415389136_Kendra_Spade_d_d_330082_5_122_566lo.jpg]

More at Digital Desire
Definitely one hot babe! Love the way she opens her cunt so you can see he nice pee hole and clit! Nice thick cunt lips too! Thx!!
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Looking at Kendra’s thread I realise that her biographic information is very basic, so here is a little more.   Her exotic looks are due to her being half Filipino and half American.   She said in an interview that except for one girl who was older, she had the biggest tits in school by the time she was 13.   Although her Boobpedia bio says she has 32D tits, Kendra says she is technically either 34DD or 36G.   As well as having big tits when she was 13 she also lost her virginity at 13 and had her first lesbian experience when she was 15.  These pics of Kendra in and out of her panties and holding her cunt open are from TAC Amateurs.

[Image: BbOvsMg.jpg]

[Image: zNruYnX.jpg]

[Image: dfolucL.jpg]

[Image: MEcXQhw.jpg]

[Image: 2yh2zs0.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , Redpixel , xxl4skin
Ralph was pistoning in and out of her mouth as he grunted at her "Oh yeah, that feels fucking good Mrs T... You're so fucking naughty aren't you? Cheating on Mr. T. With a younger guy, you are such a slut!" He stopped spanking her, and grabbed her hair in both hands and really started to fuck her so hard she was sliding all over the coffee table, with the face pounding she was getting.

I, by now had decided I needed something bigger, other than my fingers to satisfy the feelings I was having in my own pussy. Looking around quickly I saw my friend's hairbrush. Grabbing it I quickly used it to good effect. Rubbing the handle all over my slick lips and dripping pussy, before inserting it into my hungry pussy. I could feel it banging against my clit, and knew that would soon bring me off again, along with the sex scene before me, that had me so aroused.

Ralph began to moan, his legs shifted apart as, I assumed, he prepared to cum allowing me a view of his big balls swinging and slapping against my friends chin, and the full length of his cock sliding in and out of her receptive mouth. Then it happened I saw Ralph start to cum, his balls lifted, his ass clenched and unclenched, and he let out a loud "Aaaaaaaaaaaargh... TAKE IT, Take it all, bitch!"

As I watched Ralph shoot what must have been seven or eight spurts into her mouth, Angie's eyes flew open and she frantically tried to swallow the huge load this young stud had deposited in her slutty mouth. I was transfixed like a silly teenager, mouth hanging open and my own pussy, stuffed with all four fingers of my right hand, throbbing between my legs which were shaking so much I had to sit down. My God she swallowed the fucking lot I said to myself, I had never done that for my ex, and Angie had always said she hated doing it with Jim, yet she had just swallowed a massive load of cum from this young stud. What the fuck will she do next? I wondered.

Fucked hard to your bestie
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