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Alex Tanner
AKA: Alex C

Pornstar Alex Tanner was born as Monica Sue Enix in New Port Richie, Florida on 21 December 1995. In addition to being a cheerleader, Alex did some modelling whilst still in high school and did her first boy-girl hardcore shoot in May 2013.

[Image: UJrt4Is.jpg]

[Image: pEjEkH4.jpg]

[Image: 1kuSJoA.jpg]

[Image: zk6xNFY.jpg]

And here is proof (if you needed any) that Alex is a natural red head. She obviously had not shaved her pubes for a few days when she did this shoot for Nubiles and the stubble is clearly ginger.

[Image: ZlmV2k7.jpg]

Pictures of Alex Tanner from ATKGalleria's Set 301364 (Upskirts & Panties), June 28, 2014 ... 2000 x 3000

[Image: th_847503669_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301364_1_122_114lo.jpg] [Image: th_484750879_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301364_2_122_233lo.jpg] [Image: th_847513548_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301364_3_122_459lo.jpg]

[Image: th_847517826_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301364_4_122_122lo.jpg] [Image: th_847521780_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301364_5_122_233lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKGalleria, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Alex Tanner from ATKGalleria's Set 301176 (Amateur), June 25, 2014 ... 2000 x 3000

[Image: th_500605481_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301176_1_122_439lo.jpg] [Image: th_006058388_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301176_2_122_573lo.jpg] [Image: th_006062769_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301176_3_122_175lo.jpg]

[Image: th_006065151_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301176_4_122_35lo.jpg] [Image: th_006070979_Alex_Tanner_atk_g_301176_5_122_1lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKGalleria, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Alex Tanner from ATKPetites' Set 301758, July 7, 2014 ... 2000 x 3000

[Image: th_119776655_Alex_Tanner_atk_pet_301758_1_122_82lo.jpg] [Image: th_119780845_Alex_Tanner_atk_pet_301758_2_122_93lo.jpg] [Image: th_119784174_Alex_Tanner_atk_pet_301758_3_122_641lo.jpg]

[Image: th_119788219_Alex_Tanner_atk_pet_301758_4_122_564lo.jpg] [Image: th_119792971_Alex_Tanner_atk_pet_301758_...1186lo.jpg]

Credits to ATK Petites
As Alex C, pictures from ClubSeventeen's Redhead Girl In Pink Bra set, August 3, 2014 ... 1330 x 2000

[Image: th_270483565_Alex_C_c17_pink_bra_1_122_256lo.jpg] [Image: th_270485942_Alex_C_c17_pink_bra_2_122_237lo.jpg] [Image: th_270488131_Alex_C_c17_pink_bra_3_122_591lo.jpg]

[Image: th_270491146_Alex_C_c17_pink_bra_4_122_116lo.jpg] [Image: th_352704933_Alex_C_c17_pink_bra_5_122_24lo.jpg]

Credit to ClubSeventeen
It has been several months since any new pics Alex Tanner showing her cunt were seen on the Forum, so here are some of her from a Nubiles set that was published on 31st August 2014.

[Image: 0COS9N3.jpg]

[Image: vx3Uli9.jpg]

[Image: s6MS3as.jpg]

[Image: KX7O25n.jpg]

[Image: hjE2pcN.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo
Another set of photographs of Alex Tanner showing her cunt from Nubiles which were first seen the day after the previous set of pics were released.   My favourite pic from the set is #3, which shows that Alex is a genuine redhead because her ginger minge is just beginning to grow again!

[Image: j8Ja24C.jpg]

[Image: vpb9V1v.jpg]

[Image: yRpFmMp.jpg]

[Image: oOGgk6E.jpg]

[Image: WVPN38Q.jpg]
Thanks given by: Redpixel , cumbie , woohoo
These are a selection of solo pics of Alex showing her cunt from some of her boy-girls shoots …

[Image: eiRTNYG.jpg]

[Image: QKahjDG.jpg]

[Image: aFpWHyj.jpg]

[Image: hFhrGdy.jpg]

[Image: QYm3o4u.jpg]

Pic #1 is from Mr POV, pic #2 is from Only Teen Blowjobs, pic #3 is from a Passion HD shoot and the final two pics are by Tiny 4K.
Thanks given by: buttster , Redpixel , xxl4skin , woohoo , cumbie

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