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AKA: Capri
Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: ??-??-1999
Birthplace: Latvia

Capri from AmourAngels
Set "Presenting Capri" (2018.06.24)

[Image: 3rvg8kpjnwse.jpg] [Image: 24o3qbavq7mf.jpg] [Image: nun2tfon1uuu.jpg]
[Image: 83ysml8yxb6w.jpg] [Image: 5os2rqft1f4v.jpg]

Credits to AmourAngels
Thanks given by: WETPUSLOV , Knightoe , cumbie

Capri in “Fond Memories” by Showy Beauty

[Image: SFixCqY.jpg]

[Image: yLY8cIL.jpg]

[Image: UdWbyod.jpg]

[Image: o7QTSMr.jpg]

[Image: TXDJy72.jpg]

Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie

Some more photographs of Capri, this time from Amour Angels set “Milky Girl” which was released on 22nd September 2018.

A contributor to Capri’s Indexxx page has suggested that she was born in March 2000 which makes her only 18.

[Image: nGTfaH0.png]

[Image: SLXFRVN.png]

[Image: 2m4vjTj.png]

[Image: eSGV48E.png]

[Image: QVSte5k.png]

Thanks given by: woohoo

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