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Barbara Bieber
AKA: Barbara, Barbara Bieder, Barbara Babeyrre

Barbara Bieber was born in the Czech Republic as Barbara Bulířová on 24 January 1991. Her measurements are 34D-23-36, but her tits are enhanced.

[Image: J6PEt27.jpg]

[Image: HDuv5z2.jpg]

[Image: OKsqfp3.jpg]

[Image: 53JSxZS.jpg]

[Image: MZlgoxW.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , Labialoves , lippenfreund
Pictures of Barbara Bieber from WetandPuffy's Violent Orgasm set, May 6, 2016, @ 2267 x 3400:

[Image: th_551138289_Barbera_Bieber_w_p_orgasm_1_122_490lo.jpg].[Image: th_551143109_Barbera_Bieber_w_p_orgasm_2_122_558lo.jpg].[Image: th_551150768_Barbera_Bieber_w_p_orgasm_3_122_375lo.jpg]

[Image: th_551155945_Barbera_Bieber_w_p_orgasm_4_122_449lo.jpg].[Image: th_551160108_Barbera_Bieber_w_p_orgasm_5_122_335lo.jpg]

Credits to WetAndPuffy
It was been several months since any new photographs of Barbara Bieber showing her delightful cunt appeared on the Forum.   During her career as a nude model and porn actress Barbara did six shoots for PJ Girls, three movies and 3 galleries.  Here she is gaping her cunt in the gallery that was first seen on 12th April 2016.

[Image: PJIKJJ1.jpg]

[Image: 8lBsvMY.jpg]

[Image: BrioGyd.jpg]

[Image: gntSBju.jpg]

[Image: NXJEBT6.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , lippenfreund
 Some more photographs of Barbara Beiber from PJ Girls.   This set which is titled “Gyno Plays” also features another Czech porn girl, Nathaly Cherie playing with Barabara’s cunt, was first seen on 8th April 2016.   Nathaly, whose birth name is Nicole Dandová, is the blonde girl who keeps her bra and panties on during the shoot.

[Image: mAqBScN.jpg]

[Image: SUzLpmk.jpg]

[Image: BmT1w1k.jpg]

[Image: H40x8LH.jpg]

[Image: rr0SOUO.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , cumbie , lippenfreund
Here is a young lady whose beautiful cunt hasn’t been seen on the Forum for over 2½ years.   The cunt belongs to Czech porn girl, Miss Barbara Bieber who begins by giving us a cheeky upskirt view of her panty-less pubes.   Then to remind us what we have been missing Barbara shows us close-ups of her cunt before holding herself open and showing her vagina.   The pics are from a Wet and Puffy set which was first seen 6 May 2016.

[Image: SSByCrm.jpg]

[Image: CPohgWc.jpg]

[Image: iog4SoZ.jpg]

[Image: 5TvPPsN.jpg]

[Image: CgdO9CV.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , xxl4skin

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