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Vanessa Cooper
AKA: Amber, Ambra, Marlies, Tami, Tammy, Tara, Vendula B, Vendy, Veronica Bednerova, Wendy

Vanessa Cooper was born in the Czech city of Plzeň on 5 May 1983. Her birth name is Vendula Bednerova and her measurements are 34C-24-35. As you can see in her pics, her tits are 100% natural. Vanessa has been posing nude since 2004 and seems to prefer doing solo shoots, but she does occasionally pose with other girls.

[Image: B6dfEUC.jpg]

[Image: T86850n.jpg]

[Image: s3XMyac.jpg]

[Image: ppbO8bf.jpg]

[Image: bErSqf7.jpg]

Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , butterdog , lippenfreund

Some pictures of Vanessa Cooper showing her cunt in July 2011 for Teen Models where she was known as Amber.

[Image: HEDHnKx.jpg]

[Image: 4MUNYTv.jpg]

[Image: vuXIPs2.jpg]

[Image: LnRpwks.jpg]

[Image: JPPD25v.jpg]

Thanks given by: Knightoe , lippenfreund , cumbie , woohoo , Labialoves
Pictures from Stunners' Vanessa Cooper Strips set, 2009, @ 853 x 1280:

[Image: th_101854520_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_str..._202lo.jpg].[Image: th_101857345_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_str..._338lo.jpg].[Image: th_101859765_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_str..._394lo.jpg]

[Image: th_101862152_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_str..._164lo.jpg].[Image: th_101864213_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_str..._545lo.jpg]

Credit to Stunners

A few more pics of Vanessa Cooper enjoying showing off her cunt in someone’s garden. Some girls when they get undressed just leave their clothes and underwear on the floor; other girls neatly fold each item neatly so that it doesn’t get creased. I guess from seeing Vanessa’s mini-skirt and panties and her top draped neatly on the gate, she must be a neat kinda girl.

[Image: w1CAUib.jpg]

[Image: TH91vXr.jpg]

[Image: jUFSbRZ.jpg]

[Image: m5FxPEE.jpg]

[Image: ao5CSIl.jpg]

Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , cumbie , Labialoves
Pictures of Vanessa Cooper from Twistys' Blonde Babe Gets Off set, February 23, 2007, @ 854 x 1280:

[Image: th_549621848_Vanessa_Cooper_twisty_blond..._423lo.jpg] [Image: th_549623799_Vanessa_Cooper_twisty_blond...2_54lo.jpg] [Image: th_354962655_Vanessa_Cooper_twisty_blond...2_22lo.jpg]

[Image: th_549628683_Vanessa_Cooper_twisty_blond..._427lo.jpg] [Image: th_549631594_Vanessa_Cooper_twisty_blond..._197lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Pictures of Vanessa Cooper from Stunner's Willie's Place set, May 14, 2010 ... 1557 x 2346

[Image: th_819623629_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_wil...2_66lo.jpg] [Image: th_819626351_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_wil..._485lo.jpg] [Image: th_381963070_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_wil...2_71lo.jpg]

[Image: th_819634293_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_wil...2_14lo.jpg] [Image: th_819638804_Vanessa_Cooper_stunners_wil..._491lo.jpg]

Credit to Stunners

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