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Sharka Blue

Sharka Blue aka Daisy B (Club Seventeen), Dawn (ALS), Kelly, Lisa (Teen Dreams), Sarka (ATK).

Pornstar Sharka Blue was born Šárka Kosová Pechoušová in the Czech city of Chomutov on 7 April 1981. Šárka began her porn career as a stripper before doing her first nude photo shoot in 2002. She quickly became very much in demand as an actress because of her willingness to do both anal and DP scenes in front of the camera. She also a regular participant in gang bangs and sex orgies before she retired in 2013. Here are some pics of Šárka at the start of her career when her nipples will still a little bit puffy.

[Image: swrcLCd.jpg]

[Image: ndbNgiD.jpg]

[Image: NXP5dfZ.jpg]

[Image: a7iu4OF.jpg]

[Image: pbqcDcC.jpg]

Credits to DDF Network

It is over two years now since we last saw this young lady pulling her panties aside to show us her cunt.   Her name is Sharka Blue and this time she is not only pulling her panties aside again, she is holding her cunt open to show us her lovely wet vagina.   These 2000 x 3000 pics are from a Karup’s Private Collection set which was released on 12th April 2018.

[Image: Oyq6Jcm.jpg]

[Image: 3OYona7.jpg]

[Image: rekNj7Z.jpg]

[Image: iOqafKe.jpg]

[Image: 5kATlIt.jpg]
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Welcome back to the Forum, Czech pornstar Miss Sharka Blue.   As well as having a gorgeous cunt, Sharka has a perfect pair of natural 34B cup tits with slightly puffy nipples.   Here she is showing her tits and cunt and fingering her arsehole in this DDF Network 1by-Day set which was released on 19th June 2008 when Sharka was 27 years old, although she looks like she could still be a teenager.

[Image: FOvQyjL.jpg]

[Image: ZCGUfYP.jpg]

[Image: uP49qnx.jpg]

[Image: eHXkuAU.jpg]

[Image: DVaQ4T7.jpg]
One of Sharka Blue’s specialities is being photographed whilst she is peeing.  Here she is with her wrists restrained in a DDF Network, House of Taboo set which is aptly titled “Hot Piss in a Bowl” which was released on 21 st July 2006.   Fortunately, one of the crew pulled Sharka’s panties aside, not only so that we can see her cunt, we see her pissing better too. 

[Image: Y8RpX9L.jpg]

[Image: vfqxYmP.jpg]

[Image: AVSZoBN.jpg]

[Image: gmmorhm.jpg]

[Image: hNjZOrY.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel , lippenfreund
In my previous post of Sharka Blue pics, I mentioned that one of her specialities is being photographed whilst she is pissing and here is another set of her peeing again.   The pics are from a DDF Network set titled “Wet and Trembling with Desire” which was released on 21st March 2003.   With her hands free this time, Sharka is not only pulling her panties to the side, she is also happily holding her cunt wide open whilst we watch her pee.

[Image: 51KkGyN.jpg]

[Image: udfA6Iq.jpg]

[Image: 8kFOlmJ.jpg]

[Image: AIHQYEx.jpg]

[Image: Mmk1p09.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel
I still do not understand what is so erotic about pissing
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