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Who can translate danish?
This educational video has woman with very large inner labia. I want to know what she says about her lips. She is in the middle part of video.

She appears in the other parts, too.

Edit: there is also subtitle tool (in danish) if it help you.
Thanks given by: nospamming
Using Google translate, this is the "program information"

Pussy, kisses, sheath, lotus flower. Whatever you call it, all women have it between the legs.
DR3 gives you a completely uncensored look between the legs of a number of skinless honest Danes telling about shapes, folds and hair. To what extent does it mean we have under the belt for our thoughts and feelings?

Typing the text on the screen in to Google translate:

As a younger I was very sad. I feel incredibly devoid. And I was afraid that a guy would think it was bad or that it would be rumored. I googled how long skamlaeber. How far do they go down? Can you cut this piece down here? And make the most of it, so it would be more closed a bit of beef.

Later she says:

Because you prefer to do well with your body. And then I found out that you can actually get an operation and to properly manage girls like i was incredibly bored of it. I was approved for the operation and went to the feasibility study. Then I was told that there were quite a few genes. Manage got phantom pain and other types of pain. When I ran away.

Then a segment which had two translations:

1. And the worst thing I have now is my love for it

2. And the girlfriend I have now is very happy about it

And finally she says:

See, I'm glad I've kept it.
Thanks given by: lab1alike

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