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Kassie Kensington

Texan nude model Kassie Kensington seems to have had a very short career – according to - she did just eight shoots, all as Kassie Kensington and all for Karup’s Hometown Amateurs between February and May 2016.

Here are a few photographs from one of those shoots … released February 15, 2016 ...

[Image: jL8yjNO.jpg]

[Image: g9huFUI.jpg]

[Image: PJfStey.jpg]

[Image: pVvBcsK.jpg]

[Image: RUFNVd0.jpg]

Credit to Karups Home Amateurs
It is almost two years since I introduced American nude model Miss Kassie Kensington to the Forum.   Sadly, although she has a beautiful cunt and seemed happy and relaxed about being photographed in the nude, her career was very short.   These are some pics from Karup’s Hometown Amateurs of Kassie in what is claimed to be her first nude shoot.   Just look how nice and wet and inviting her vagina is in the last pic …

[Image: ojpEq86.jpg]

[Image: 972ytxl.jpg]

[Image: LNf728s.jpg]

[Image: Fs2QYxo.jpg]

I often wonder why girls who seem to be completely relaxed and enjoy posing in the nude, suddenly disappear from the modelling scene after only a short time.   Is it because of pressure from their husbands or boyfriends, or their family and friends?  I guess there are plenty of other reasons too.  OK some girls are no great loss, but that certainly does not apply to Kassie Kensington whose pretty face, pert little tits and beautiful cunt were all a girl needs for a successful career in nude modelling.   These pics of Kassie stripping on the stairs are from a Karup’s Hometown Amateurs set which was first seen 17th August 2016.

[Image: ExWohZY.jpg]

[Image: KcjJdR3.jpg]

[Image: U0sccXL.jpg]

[Image: KbQK87e.jpg]

[Image: LxqEfVx.jpg]

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