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AKA: none known
DOB: 1992 ... Russia

Look up Fani from WeAreHairy, cracking labia ...

Pictures from WeAreHairy's "Fani enjoys being a popular model" set, August 28, 2013

[Image: th_400074255_Fani_wearehairy_popular_1_122_146lo.jpg] [Image: th_400076515_Fani_wearehairy_popular_2_122_537lo.jpg] [Image: th_400080323_Fani_wearehairy_popular_3_122_378lo.jpg]

[Image: th_400083504_Fani_wearehairy_popular_4_122_420lo.jpg] [Image: th_400085241_Fani_wearehairy_popular_5_122_193lo.jpg]

Credit to WeAreHairy
Thanks given by: Cunt Connoisseur 2 , woohoo
Here are a few photographs of Fani showing her 32A tits and those juicy cunt lips ...

[Image: ayF7jgo.jpg]

[Image: WV1mCdl.jpg]

[Image: vWGs3Pl.jpg]

[Image: FK6hY9C.jpg]

Thanks given by: woohoo , xxl4skin , cumbie , Labialoves , Redpixel
Fani’s page on Indexxx, lists 25 shoots that she did for We Are Hairy in 2013/2014.  These pics from the set “Hairy woman Fani enjoys nude modeling outside too” was first seen on 1st August 2013.  I am not a fan of girls with hairy cunts but I am a fan of girls with nice meaty piss flaps like Fani’s and I am surprised that she has only had two posts so far – and one of those was mine.

[Image: miNTA4P.jpg]

[Image: J3lJKo1.jpg]

[Image: MjyyuHr.jpg]

[Image: S1QKYlt.jpg]

[Image: pedcSLX.jpg]
Thanks given by: woohoo , Redpixel , buttster , cumbie
I wonder if Fani realises what her model name means when spoken in English?   OK, I know it is different depending on which side of the Atlantic you live.   In North America it means buttocks – both male and female, but on this side of The Pond, in the UK, it is one of many slang names for the vulva.  Fanny is not as vulgar as cunt but it is not used in polite conversation.   I am not sure what fanny means “Down Under” in Australia and New Zealand, but I think that I can remember several Aussie girls saying fanny in Abby Winters videos.

Anyway here is Fani showing her hairy fanny on a beach, once again from We Are Hairy.  This set with the title “Days at the beach make hairy babe Fani hot” seems to be from her last nude shoot which was released on 24th March 2014. 

[Image: afZP3tT.jpg]

[Image: 4HtqNrq.jpg]

[Image: OFalx1H.jpg]

[Image: jU2NbZG.jpg]

[Image: P0VorkY.jpg]

Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , cumbie

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