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Jenny Glam
aka Jenny B, Jenny Church, Jenny Dark, Jenny E, Victoria Orman. Her birthname is Vladislava Zatyagalova.

Hungarian model and pornstar Jenny Glam was born on 9 October 1992 and began showing off her 34A-28-38 body and those gorgeous cunt lips in front of cameras in 2014.

[Image: UNrBc6M.jpg]

[Image: OTumhAy.jpg]

[Image: HN1mFTi.jpg]

[Image: SxEVTyN.jpg]

[Image: BmSWrC2.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , oldslim , woohoo , Redpixel , xxl4skin , lippenfreund

A few more photographs of Jenny Glam, this time having her cunt examined and fingered by another Hungarian girl, a blonde named Afrodity. In this set which is dated 12 March 2015, Afrodity (aka Melanie) keeps her clothes on but having checked out some other pics of her without her panties on, I don’t think that it is likely she will get a thread in this section of the Forum!

[Image: 9gZV46R.jpg]

[Image: B4Vy6kK.jpg]

[Image: zbzZ1lr.jpg]

[Image: wPkkeHD.jpg]

[Image: GtAj72z.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , oldslim , TennDave , xxl4skin , lippenfreund

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