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Katy Jayne

Katy Jayne (aka Katie Beacham), whose measurements are 32G-26-32 was born in Northampton, England on 27 April 1988 and in case you are wondering, her tits are 100% natural.

As Katy, pictures from the FTVMilfs "Sunny Beauty" set, March, 2017

[Image: DuGOnJZ.jpg] [Image: mHYJJ8W.jpg]

[Image: 67NjrSs.jpg] [Image: H6A15PI.jpg]

Credit to FTVMilfs


English pornstar Katy Jayne seems to have done only two shoots for FTV Milfs. I have already posted a selection of pics from one of those shoots; here are some more pics of Katy from the other shoot.

[Image: 033jVNY.jpg]

[Image: qolpwA7.jpg] [Image: NQXViSr.jpg]

[Image: wCu5NKK.jpg]

[Image: npkJAjT.jpg]


Except for the shoots that Katy Jayne did for FTV Girls, there seems to be very few nude pics of her solo. She seems to prefer doing boy-girl shoots and being photographed with a cock in her mouth or in her cunt which because of the forum rules aren’t allowed. But here are some ‘warm up’ shots of Katy Jayne from some of her boy-girl shoots before the boy appeared. The last photo is an after shot!

[Image: ANQHvgX.jpg]

[Image: NxwYwYM.jpg]

[Image: zykiE7S.jpg]

[Image: 40QsDYS.jpg]

[Image: Dg5fyEF.jpg]

Katy Jayne from Allover30
Set "Elegant Ladies" (Oct 16, 2019)

[Image: o6dyryznon35.jpg] [Image: h2fpqzewdsmo.jpg] [Image: alwx77w5629w.jpg]
[Image: he2wfffdsb4a.jpg] [Image: 29p7fcj8qy88.jpg]

Credit to Allover30
Pictures of Katy Jayne from Holly Randall's Blue Bikini set, April 11, 2019 ... 2667 x 4000 & larger

[Image: th_137586530_Katy_Jayne_h_r_bikini_1_122_87lo.jpg] [Image: th_375884681_Katy_Jayne_h_r_bikini_2_122_131lo.jpg] [Image: th_375901437_Katy_Jayne_h_r_bikini_3_122_22lo.jpg]

[Image: th_375920628_Katy_Jayne_h_r_bikini_4_122_53lo.jpg] [Image: th_375934915_Katy_Jayne_h_r_bikini_5_122_132lo.jpg]

Credit to HollyRandall
Being English, I specially enjoy posting pics of Brit girls showing their cunts (and of course, their tits).   English glamour model and porn actress Katy Jayne was quite a late starter because she was 28 years old before her 32DDD tits and her very fuckable cunt began to be seen regularly on the internet.   These pics of her showing her bra and knickers, taking her bra off and playing with her cunt are right up date, having first been seen a few days ago on 4th November in an All Over 30, 9 to 5 Ladies set.   As a cunt connoisseur, it is good to see that Katy has got her priorities right and took her knickers off before her bra!

[Image: S1dEqlj.jpg] [Image: PjwI2IZ.jpg] [Image: wPEoMNO.jpg]

[Image: jj4if10.jpg]

[Image: fQEdLBI.jpg]

Credit to AllOver30
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , butterdog , eldios86 , lippenfreund
Pictures of Katy Jayne from an AllOver30's 9 to 5 Ladies set, November 4, 2019, @ 3203 x 4800:

[Image: th_345829538_Katy_Jayne_a_o_30_9_5_ladie..._436lo.jpg].[Image: th_345843958_Katy_Jayne_a_o_30_9_5_ladie..._571lo.jpg].[Image: th_345855806_Katy_Jayne_a_o_30_9_5_ladie..._102lo.jpg]

[Image: th_345865656_Katy_Jayne_a_o_30_9_5_ladie..._549lo.jpg].[Image: th_345877286_Katy_Jayne_a_o_30_9_5_ladie...2_35lo.jpg] 
Credit to AllOver30
My last two posts of 2019 were of English girls, Samantha Bentley and Tammi Lee both showing their cunts and my first post of 2020 featured Michelle Thorne and Hannah Brooks also showing their cunts.   So to make  it five different English cunts in two days her is Katy Jayne revealing what is under her knickers.  The 3200 x 4800 pics are from an All Over 30, Elegant Ladies set which was first seen on 16th October 2019.

[Image: XRcO4dg.jpg]

[Image: y0CnXuJ.jpg]

[Image: JU8QSIu.jpg]

[Image: IAnSpEI.jpg]

[Image: YO1ltwz.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , xxl4skin , woohoo , Redpixel , lippenfreund
Although the Forum is all about cunts, and I am posting some great pics of English pornstar Katy Jayne showing her beautiful cunt, I have found some fascinating facts about Katy Jayne’s big natural tits.   It seems that as a teenager her tits were very slow in growing and she was only wearing B cup bras by the time she was 18.  Then she began taking birth control and her tits suddenly began to grow a cup size every year and didn’t stop until she got to 32G.   The pics are from a baberotica set released on 20th October 2020.

[Image: Gtcr7TC.jpg]

[Image: he9NAnH.jpg]

[Image: K7a46L4.jpg]

[Image: C183fY8.jpg]

[Image: 0NvUnn1.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel

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