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Ava Addams

AKA: Alexia Roy, Alexia Adams, Ava Spice, Luna (FTV Girls)

Although Ava Addams parents are French she was born in Gibraltar on 16 September 1981 and raised in Houston TX.
She began posing nude in 2004 using the name Alexia Roy. Back then she had natural D cup tits, but since having her breasts enlarged in 2012, her measurements are now 32DDD-23-34.

[Image: uYd9XVC.jpg]

[Image: zpeWF9A.jpg]

Pictures 1 and 2 above: As Luna, December 1, 2008 ... Content provided by FTV Girls

[Image: j7uYInw.jpg]

Picture #3: "Freetime Activity" set, July 29, 2012 ... credit to 21Sextury
Pictures of Ava Addams from ATKPremium's Set #173010 (Solo), February 17, 2009, @ 1328 x 2000:

[Image: th_992364333_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_173010_1_122_41lo.jpg].[Image: th_992372291_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_173010_2_122_362lo.jpg].[Image: th_992380722_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_173010_3_122_108lo.jpg]

[Image: th_992389874_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_173010_4_122_408lo.jpg].[Image: th_992397602_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_173010_5_122_449lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKPremium, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Ava Addams from ATKPremium's Set #174819 (Solo), March 31, 2009, @ 1464 x 2264

[Image: th_131773385_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_174819_1_122_244lo.jpg].[Image: th_131781148_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_174819_2_122_389lo.jpg].[Image: th_713178936_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_174819_3_122_247lo.jpg]

[Image: th_131797515_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_174819_4_122_127lo.jpg].[Image: th_131805836_Ava_Addams_atk_prem_174819_5_122_908lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKPremium, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Ava Addams from PornstarTease's Soft Night set, May 11, 2014, @ 1068 x 1600:

[Image: th_225236328_Ava_Addams_spizoo_soft_1_122_658lo.jpg].[Image: th_722524145_Ava_Addams_spizoo_soft_2_122_403lo.jpg].[Image: th_225244383_Ava_Addams_spizoo_soft_3_122_90lo.jpg]

[Image: th_225247131_Ava_Addams_spizoo_soft_4_122_118lo.jpg].[Image: th_225250546_Ava_Addams_spizoo_soft_5_122_343lo.jpg]

Credit to PornstarTease, a member of the SPIZOO Network
Four more pictures to go with the last picture in Post: #1 .......

Pictures of Ava Addams from 21Sextury's Freetime Activity Set, July 29, 2012, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_323874382_Ava_Addams_21sextury_freeti..._426lo.jpg].[Image: th_323876603_Ava_Addams_21sextury_freeti..._531lo.jpg].[Image: th_323879953_Ava_Addams_21sextury_freeti...2_35lo.jpg].[Image: th_323881503_Ava_Addams_21sextury_freeti..._232lo.jpg]

Credits to 21Sextury
(Released through ClubSandy)
As Luna, pictures from FTVGirls' Closeups in Pink set, December 1, 2008, @ 1064 x 1600:

[Image: th_506818641_Luna_ftv_closeups_1_122_51lo.jpg].[Image: th_506820232_Luna_ftv_closeups_2_122_195lo.jpg].[Image: th_506823228_Luna_ftv_closeups_3_122_958lo.jpg]

[Image: th_506825920_Luna_ftv_closeups_4_122_186lo.jpg].[Image: th_750682872_Luna_ftv_closeups_5_122_357lo.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls
It is over six months since anyone posted any photographs of Ava Addams showing her beautiful big meaty cunt lips on the Forum, so here she is posing for Karup’s Home Town Amateurs.

[Image: Uw0R6x4.jpg]

[Image: KPthXgL.jpg]

[Image: aodbv6y.jpg]

[Image: ZgoJlV6.jpg]

[Image: J98rpfZ.jpg]
Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , cumbie , lippenfreund , rbaxter-11
It is well over a year now since Ava Addams was least seen on the Forum and since then I have had confirmation that her real name is Alexia Roy.   Here she is showing her delicious cunt in a set by Aziani which was released on 5 September 2009, but we begin with a great backshot of Ava in her black bra and panties.

[Image: AQ4f3wI.jpg]

[Image: EvBL5h0.jpg]

[Image: 982Y7EE.jpg]

[Image: Slu6gBB.jpg]

[Image: 9OE1jCc.jpg]
Thanks given by: RedLight , xxl4skin , cumbie , woohoo

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