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Wife hanging big labia
Another big WOW! She is amazing.
Thanks given by: NikolaiLoverBoy
(04-27-2018, 02:02 AM)NikolaiLoverBoy Wrote:
(04-26-2018, 11:32 PM)Labialoves Wrote: Magnificent ! ! Does she like her lips ? or do they like them because you love them ?

Thank you. She doesn`t like too much her lips, she said they are uncomfortable she is pinched by it for the panties she must arrange it before pull her panties and she is afraid to don`t slip out from her swimsuit but I LOVE THEM Drool Now she is more self confident after I made this accounts on this site and other sites where she saw a lot of men are very turned on by this kind of pussy lips and because i love so much this labia shape I approach another type of art molding. I hope you like it Thumbs

Super molding! ! is it exposed in your living room ? Wink Tongue
In dress without panties the lips do not bother Wink ! that's what an ex-girlfriend was doing !
Wanted : French woman with long labia to play ! Angel
Thanks given by: NikolaiLoverBoy
This looks so nice!
Thanks given by: NikolaiLoverBoy
How did it grow
Thanks given by:
(05-10-2018, 02:49 PM)gabels64 Wrote: How did it grow

What do you mean? I don`t understand your question.
Thanks given by:
(04-23-2018, 12:21 AM)NikolaiLoverBoy Wrote: video -> Thumbs

Wow, what a gorgeous lady. The video is super hot!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
Thanks given by: NikolaiLoverBoy , woohoo , TennDave , IVEABIGEN
Hungry pussy

[Image: th_907880901_000123b_resize_123_196lo.JPG]
Hot sexy ass and spreaded legs to reveal her hanging big labia
[Image: th_289862300_Hotlingerie000070b_resize_123_424lo.JPG]

Dripping cream from her horny pussy
[Image: th_290111940_PinkStockings000496b_resize_123_145lo.JPG]
Front view spreaded legs
[Image: th_318208848_Fuckdildonaked00043b_resize_123_71lo.JPG]

Closer view of dangling big lips
[Image: th_318269848_Fuckdildonaked00021b_resize_123_62lo.JPG]
Dripping pussy
[Image: th_340468461_Dreepingpussy_123_407lo.JPG]
Thanks given by: homealone , Redpixel , Labialoves , IVEABIGEN , woohoo , cumbie

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