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Alice Upton
AKA: Alice Upton
Date of Birth: 1994
Place of Birth: Boca Raton
Country of Origin: United States

Images of Alice Upton from 18Eighteen, set "Getting Nippy" December 19th, 2013, (1067x1600)

[Image: 1slzkbfi8aiw.jpg] [Image: fdk96dztne4m.jpg] [Image: 2m6ccf6yr9n4.jpg]
[Image: j6r1d2grw0eg.jpg] [Image: 7kv48mailut4.jpg]

Credit to 18Eighteen

After spending a lot of time looking for more photographs of Alice, I have reached the conclusion that she only ever did two shoots. One was a solo shoot for, the pics from which are featured here; the other one was an interracial boy-girl shoot for

This lack of photos is a real shame because not only is Alice very pretty and has very nice puffy cunt lips, she has really puffy nipples too.

[Image: kHYNFKQ.jpg]

[Image: D0xnmk3.jpg]

[Image: pUl8VOs.jpg]

[Image: S4cAHPi.jpg]

[Image: unRQxHy.jpg]

Credit to 18eighteen
Her breasts are amazing ! ! Mmmmm
Wanted : French woman with long labia to play ! Angel
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(06-02-2018, 04:32 AM)ladyashgan Wrote:

These videos are all very amateur productions, but interestingly the black guy in them looks to be the same guy as in Alice’s boy-girl set in NaughtyMag, who the blurb claims is her boyfriend. My guess is that these were filmed before her professional shoots for 18Eighteen and NaughtyMag.
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