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Sarah Lollypop
AKA: Anabell, Anabelle, Andrea, Andrea C, Lilah, Linda, Linda O, Lolipop, Lolli, Lolli Pop, Lollipop Khan, Lolly, Lolly B, Lolly Pop, LollyPop, Olga, Perky, Sarah Lollypop, Sweet Lollypop
Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 31-10-1993
Birthplace: Czech Republic

Images of Sarah Lollypop from KarupsPC "set #20379", Jun 17, 2013, (2000x3000)

[Image: 5jzuo7fco60x.jpg] [Image: g6l6lkx0hs7m.jpg]
[Image: qzfgn1h6apxl.jpg] [Image: tj5ls86vwisc.jpg] [Image: 1mridr3epihy.jpg]

Credit to Karups Private Collection
Thanks given by: woohoo , cumbie , Knightoe , nealxnyc , lippenfreund
As Linda O From ClubSeventeen's "Flat Chested Teen Linda" August 27, 2017

[Image: wu8heah1mvak.jpg] [Image: gt49c6o1omue.jpg] [Image: f7v205s58qc3.jpg]
[Image: 176i65tczkya.jpg] [Image: 7c38qc98ynuq.jpg]

Credit to ClubSeventeen

A few more photographs of Sarah Lollypop, this time taking a shower.
Pictures from KarupsPC, released January 21, 2013 ...

[Image: PJ1dVUf.jpg]

[Image: 95LnOi9.jpg]

[Image: piRXkHX.jpg]

[Image: pv9nwPl.jpg]

Credit to Karups Private Collection
Thanks given by: Redpixel , Labialoves , cumbie , xxl4skin , lippenfreund

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