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Dominika C
(01-24-2021, 09:22 AM)BigLipLover2020 Wrote: I believe she prices them so high to avoid piracy. As she knows that someone who is willing to drop so much on a single video is less inclined to share it as it counts to a huge investment.
Also I think she's catering to a high end cliental for her material. She's not thinking about the blue collar dude who just wants a quick wank, but some guy that spending 200+ on a video is nothing to them.

You may be right
Any day a curious person spends it and shares it, or someone hack the web to resell their videos.
There are guys who are dedicated to that all over the network.
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Guys,any idea where these are from? ? There are from a zip: but I can't download it. No idea why people upload things with premium only shits.
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