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Dominika C
Fantastic to see and have the amazingly beautiful and sexy Dominika C on this site. Welcome. And thank you so very much for sharing your perfect awesome photos with us.
Thanks given by:
Time for some more Dominika C Thumbs

Selected images from two different sets. All clickable thumbnails. First the Pussy set (no joke Biggthumpup )
from Watch4Beauty ~ Part 1 (more to come):

[Image: th_631955717_Dominika_C_w4b_18_122_549lo.jpg].[Image: th_632055738_Dominika_C_w4b_20_122_232lo.jpg].[Image: th_707992792_Dominika_C_w4b_16b_122_480lo.jpg]

[Image: th_631774335_Dominika_C_w4b_15_122_564lo.jpg].[Image: th_707995565_Dominika_C_w4b_17b_122_541lo.jpg]

Credit to Watch4Beauty

Next, selected images from the Hegre-Art "Miss Lips" set. See Post #6 in this thread for another picture in the set.

[Image: th_708727814_Dominika_C_hegre_art_1_122_456lo.jpg].[Image: th_708729433_Dominika_C_hegre_art_2_122_194lo.jpg].[Image: th_708732103_Dominika_C_hegre_art_3_122_47lo.jpg].[Image: th_708736114_Dominika_C_hegre_art_5_122_164lo.jpg]

Credit to Hegre-Art
So fucking beautiful. And we are so lucky she likes to show off her amazing pussy too. Thanks, can't get enough of her.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie
Upon viewing her sweet pussy again, I sure hope we get to see more photos from these two sets, they really are amazing. What I would give to be able to rub my face all over her sweet cunt lips! Yum!
Thanks given by: Knightoe
ruuhann Wrote:... I sure hope we get to see more photos from these two sets, ...

Here you go ruuhann, some more pics from the W4B Pussy set ~ Part 2. Clickable thumbnails:

[Image: th_844109552_Dominika_C_w4b_3_122_375lo.jpg].[Image: th_713111199_Dominika_C_w4b_2_122_5lo.jpg].[Image: th_707985803_Dominika_C_w4b_4b_122_50lo.jpg]

[Image: th_707988948_Dominika_C_w4b_8b_122_194lo.jpg].[Image: th_707990646_Dominika_C_w4b_12b_122_547lo.jpg]

Credit to Watch4Beauty ....... and the ever incredible Dominika C
If I had to use one word to sum up these photos, it would be, "Epic"! Thank you my friend.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , cumbie
Been looking to see if I can find any photo shoots of her working her amazing pussy with a toy. I would love to see that pretty labia gripping the sides of a fuck toy, that would be Hot! Would also love her see her pussy really wet too. Anyone know if she does porn?
Thanks given by: Knightoe
ruuhann Wrote:... working her amazing pussy with a toy. ..... Anyone know if she does porn?

Now that you mention it, I don't really know .... or remember Whistling I've never seen overt images of Dominika C inserting a toy or having sex with another person. She did do a couple of nude-massage photo sets for Hegre-Art with another woman ~ does that count as "sex"? Early on in her career I seem to remember a soft-core photo set where she used a vibrator toy, but no insertion. She has many, many videos I've never seen though.

Maybe member dominika c herself could tell us? In the mean time, I'll keep an eye out too. And .... we know "ruuhann Holmes" is on the case Cool2 Keep us posted Beer3
Thanks given by: ruuhann
The 3rd and last installment of my pictures from the W4B Pussy set. Clickable thumbnails:

[Image: th_707997927_Dominika_C_w4b_21_122_85lo.jpg].[Image: th_631535131_Dominika_C_w4b_11_122_150lo.jpg].[Image: th_631485474_Dominika_C_w4b_10_122_247lo.jpg]

[Image: th_708000659_Dominika_C_w4b_22_122_364lo.jpg].[Image: th_963200192_Dominika_C_w4b_19_122_595lo.jpg] .... Credit to Watch4Beauty and thanks to Dominika C for the great show Thumbs
Awwe..Come on ... only 4 pages of Dominika C ... she should have 40+ pages... Grin not to fear I am here.. a very dedicated fan of her.

These images are from the set "Explicit" at Hegre-Art

[Image: f7ab87337221294.jpg] [Image: aaf4d3337221320.jpg]
[Image: 760d16337221362.jpg] [Image: 6b0332337221387.jpg]
[Image: b824a9337221421.jpg]

Credit to Hegre-Art

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