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Loretta A
Ukraine, DOB: April 10, 1993

Loretta A has large inner labia and a big clitoris. What a cute and sexy girl!

[Image: met-art-loretta-a-1.jpg]
Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: Knightoe , ruuhann , milad84 , butterdog , lippenfreund , cumbie
[Image: met-art-loretta-a-2.jpg]
[Image: met-art-loretta-a-3.jpg]
[Image: met-art-loretta-a-4.jpg]
[Image: met-art-loretta-a-5.jpg]
[Image: met-art-loretta-a-6.jpg]
Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: felix , buttster
Loretta is a classically beautiful girl with exceptional labia minora Smiley211kl. Great pics felix ~ thanks ... Peace
Thanks given by: felix
Does she look Delicious?
Pictures from EternalDesire's "Ivimasa" (4300x)

[Image: 66d304329751284.jpg] [Image: 0659bb329751334.jpg] [Image: 4c6235329751277.jpg] [Image: 3c96ca329751291.jpg] [Image: 47844a329751344.jpg]

Credits to EternalDesire
I like this style of "moody" photo-shoot. Playing with light, shadows and a sexy girl like Loretta Thumbs I feel compelled to linger. Thanks for this ruuhann
Thanks given by: ruuhann
Selected images of Loretta from EternalDesire's antreu set @ 2883 x 4324:

[Image: th_963650379_Loretta_eternal_antreu_2h_d_122_481lo.jpg].[Image: th_963658893_Loretta_eternal_antreu_3h_d_122_228lo.jpg].[Image: th_196366452_Loretta_eternal_antreu_4h_d_122_1190lo.jpg]

[Image: th_963672617_Loretta_eternal_antreu_5h_d_122_440lo.jpg] ... Credit to EternalDesire
Thanks, Knightoe. Awesome set of photos you found. She really has a stunning body and a perfect pussy. Yum!
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Here's 4 pics from the Met-Art "Gimaj" set (2883 x 4324):

[Image: th_964800847_Loretta_A_met_gimaj_1_122_517lo.jpg].[Image: th_964804578_Loretta_A_met_gimaj_2_122_139lo.jpg].[Image: th_964813337_Loretta_A_met_gimaj_3_122_191lo.jpg].[Image: th_196482273_Loretta_A_met_gimaj_4_122_825lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: Knightoe , DerBlitzkrieger , erl47 , butterdog , cumbie
"Laurie" set from SexArt @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_085352464_Loretta_A_sexart_laurie_1_122_580lo.jpg].[Image: th_085356239_Loretta_A_sexart_laurie_2_122_203lo.jpg].[Image: th_085359198_Loretta_A_sexart_laurie_3_122_62lo.jpg]

[Image: th_085361263_Loretta_A_sexart_laurie_4_122_40lo.jpg].[Image: th_085364825_Loretta_A_sexart_laurie_5_122_35lo.jpg] ... Credit to Watch4Beauty (the indicated copyright holder)


I have more in a 2883 x 4324- size set, but does anyone want to see more of her? Thanks or comments are always welcome.
Thanks given by: Knightoe , DerBlitzkrieger , buttster , cumbie

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