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Loretta A
Nice!!!! I don't think there's a bad picture of Loretta Thumbs Thanks for this ruuhann.

ruuhann Wrote:I have more in a 2883 x 4324- size set, but does anyone want to see more of her?

I do teethsmile. Ya can never see too much beautiful labia. Bring on those big pics of Loretta my friend Biggthumpup
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Here you go, in all her glory. Two sizes for you. Enjoy.
1327x1990->[Image: th_863371474_Loretta_eternal_feu_et_glac..._164lo.jpg].[Image: th_863378107_Loretta_eternal_linear_1_122_54lo.jpg].[Image: th_863389706_Loretta_eternal_linear_2_122_424lo.jpg]

2883 x 4324->[Image: th_085884894_Loretta_A_e_d_fosco_1hd_122_409lo.jpg].[Image: th_085891448_Loretta_A_m_a_jaise_2_122_203lo.jpg]

Pics 1-4: Credit to EternalDesire
Pic 5: Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: Knightoe , DerBlitzkrieger , butterdog , cumbie
Ohh ya! Pic #5 feels like I could almost touch her ..... yowzer! Thumbs. Nice set of pics ~ thanks ruuhann ... Peace
Thanks given by: ruuhann
More pictures of Loretta A from EternalDesire's antreu set

[Image: 119b96337234058.jpg] [Image: c2c9e4337234071.jpg] [Image: ab6aac337234100.jpg]

[Image: 746c5e337234113.jpg] [Image: aa8eaa337234129.jpg]

Credit to Eternal Desire
Thanks given by: Knightoe , ruuhann , butterdog , cumbie
Thanks for the addition himu ~ great pics Thumbs

I found some nice big pics. Images of Loretta from Sexart's neraida set (2883 x 4324):

[Image: th_660967733_Loretta_A_sexart_neraida_1_122_162lo.jpg].[Image: th_466097435_Loretta_A_sexart_neraida_2_122_60lo.jpg].[Image: th_660982528_Loretta_A_sexart_neraida_3_122_543lo.jpg].[Image: th_660989579_Loretta_A_sexart_neraida_4_122_220lo.jpg].[Image: th_660995912_Loretta_A_sexart_neraida_5_122_36lo.jpg]

Credit to Sexart
Thanks given by: felix , ruuhann , butterdog , cumbie
Few more of this sexy lady from Met-Art's "gimaj" set. See Post #9 for additional pics in this photo-shoot.

[Image: c39cce338607197.jpg] [Image: 6178e8338607656.jpg]
[Image: a5541c338607652.jpg] [Image: cceb39338607681.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: ruuhann , Knightoe , butterdog , cumbie
Great post. She's really pretty and what a sexy looking pussy. I love how her pussy lips stand up like that in some of the photos. I can imagine sucking all of her sweet labia into my mouth as I tongue fucked her to orgasm. Yum! Thanks. (More Please)
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@ruuhann as you requested here is 3 more

[Image: 24c797338607688.jpg] [Image: 398ca5338607692.jpg] [Image: 95975f338607700.jpg]
Thanks given by: ruuhann , butterdog , cumbie , buttster
Fantastic, thanks.
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Images of Loretta A from Met-Art's "Euryala" set (2883 x 4324)

[Image: th_701522589_Loretta_A_m_a_euryala_1_122_481lo.jpg] [Image: th_701527195_Loretta_A_m_a_euryala_2_122_78lo.jpg] [Image: th_701534653_Loretta_A_m_a_euryala_3_122_85lo.jpg]

[Image: th_701538685_Loretta_A_m_a_euryala_4_122_634lo.jpg] [Image: th_701544975_Loretta_A_m_a_euryala_5_122_197lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: Knightoe , butterdog , cumbie

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