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Grace C
AKA: Anelli, Anneila, Anneli, Annelli, Annely, Annely Gerritsen, Annely Guerritsen, Grace, Grace Hartley, Ingrid, Nikita, Pinky, Pinky June, Sabrina I, Sabrina L
DOB: February 5, 1992
Czech Republic

Pictures of Grace C from Met-Art's Mincing set, January 31, 2013, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_387065994_Grace_C_m_a_mincing_1_122_94lo.jpg].[Image: th_387069444_Grace_C_m_a_mincing_2_122_19lo.jpg].[Image: th_387073338_Grace_C_m_a_mincing_3_122_510lo.jpg]

[Image: th_387076911_Grace_C_m_a_mincing_4_122_494lo.jpg].[Image: th_387079302_Grace_C_m_a_mincing_5_122_461lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Pictures of Grace C from the WOWGirls Innocent Lust set, September 16, 2013, @ 1333 x 2000:

[Image: th_477100754_Grace_C_w_girls_innocent_1_122_164lo.jpg].[Image: th_477103465_Grace_C_w_girls_innocent_2_122_189lo.jpg]

[Image: th_477105220_Grace_C_w_girls_innocent_3_122_471lo.jpg].[Image: th_477111857_Grace_C_w_girls_innocent_5_122_998lo.jpg].[Image: th_477107523_Grace_C_w_girls_innocent_4_122_581lo.jpg].

Credit to WOWGirls
Pictures of Grace C from Met-Art's Xantina set, December 22, 2012, @ 3744 x 5617:

[Image: th_558217746_Grace_C_m_a_xantina_1_122_220lo.jpg].[Image: th_558236856_Grace_C_m_a_xantina_2_122_253lo.jpg].[Image: th_558255757_Grace_C_m_a_xantina_3_122_520lo.jpg]

[Image: th_558270563_Grace_C_m_a_xantina_4_122_227lo.jpg].[Image: th_558285448_Grace_C_m_a_xantina_5_122_340lo.jpg]

Labia content created and owned by Met Art
Thanks given by: butterdog , cumbie , WETPUSLOV , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
As Annely Gerritsen, pictures from the EvasGarden Jeans set, February 8, 2013, @ 3744 x 5616:

[Image: th_652012663_Annely_Gerritsen_e_g_jeans_1_122_151lo.jpg].[Image: th_652021505_Annely_Gerritsen_e_g_jeans_2_122_634lo.jpg].[Image: th_652025222_Annely_Gerritsen_e_g_jeans_3_122_196lo.jpg]

[Image: th_652030483_Annely_Gerritsen_e_g_jeans_4_122_130lo.jpg].[Image: th_652033394_Annely_Gerritsen_e_g_jeans_5_122_503lo.jpg]

Credit to the original EvasGarden studio
(Domain name has new owners)
Thanks given by: cumbie , WETPUSLOV , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
As Grace, pictures from GirlFolio's Horsing Around set, August 9, 2017, @ 2750 x 4120:

[Image: th_724977789_Grace_g_folio_horsing_1_122_195lo.jpg].[Image: th_724987676_Grace_g_folio_horsing_2_122_238lo.jpg].[Image: th_724994879_Grace_g_folio_horsing_3_122_1000lo.jpg]

[Image: th_725003588_Grace_g_folio_horsing_4_122_1042lo.jpg].[Image: th_725012328_Grace_g_folio_horsing_5_122_38lo.jpg]

Thanks given by: butterdog , cumbie , WETPUSLOV , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
Here are some photographs of Grace in what I believe is her first shoot for Watch for Beauty. It is titled “Country Bench” and was posted on the internet on 10th July 2012.   The first pic I have chosen of Grace (whose birth name is Ingrid Štěpánková) enjoying a cigarette before stripping off to reveal her absolutely stunning 32B-23-34 body in the nude. 

[Image: ogE1GFJ.jpg]

[Image: AkE7Tt9.jpg]

[Image: 9oi8pDC.jpg]

[Image: xOpVTeh.jpg]

[Image: gmqi9ct.jpg]

Credits to Watch4Beauty
Thanks given by: cumbie , rbaxter-11
Some more photographs of the stunning Grace pissing from a Watch 4 Beauty set aptly titled "Grace Takes a Leek" which was first seen on 28th July 2012. 

[Image: wWniz0k.jpg]

[Image: v6LRrG9.jpg]

[Image: KYehqgi.jpg]

[Image: 0N9m08V.jpg]

[Image: t3uFWFb.jpg]

Credits to Watch4Beauty
Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , cumbie , eldios86
A few more pics of the stunningly beautiful Grace, this time as Ingrid (which actually is her real first name) in a Wet and Puffy set from November 2012.   The first pic I have selected is Ingrid in her panties and the last two are of her finger fucking her cunt.    Just look how nice and wet her fingers and her cunt are in the last pic.

[Image: dBIZJN8.jpg]

[Image: 5WuS3Z6.jpg]

[Image: DTljcPJ.jpg]

[Image: UaxUlPa.jpg]

[Image: dSSPNkV.jpg]

Credits to WetAndPuffy
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
Here is Grace C, whose real name is Ingrid Štěpánková, living up to one of her many model names, Pinky June.   Looking at her portfolio on, Ingrid has been photographed in this pretty pink baby-doll nightie on several occasions.   These pics are from Karup’s Private Collection and we get a rare look of Grace, Pinky June, Ingrid holding her beautiful cunt open.

[Image: yAXZFHZ.jpg]

[Image: HkiwspS.jpg]

[Image: 6CU6us2.jpg]

[Image: 3LB31AD.jpg]

Thanks given by: cumbie , buttster , woohoo , rbaxter-11 , eldios86
These pics are the first of a two-part post featuring one of my favourite nude models, Pinky June, with two more stunning  Czech girls, Bella Baby and Nika.   We start with a couple of candid shots of the girls before the shoot. In the first pic the girls have got undressed and here are the three of them in the nude.  Pinky June is on the left, brunette Nika has her back to the camera, and on the right is Bella Baby.

[Image: srGLV0u.jpg]

Next is a shot of the girls heading to location for the shoot.  Pinky June is in front followed by Nika and Baby Bella.

[Image: PaljF2R.jpg]

And here is a backshot of the girls showing their arses.   Pinky June is on the left, Nika is centre and Bella Baby is on the right.

[Image: t6FkP7p.jpg]

We finish two full frontal nude pics of the trio, again with Pink June on the left, Nika is in the middle and Bella Baby on the right.   Looking at the pics it seems like all three girls have got innie cunts, but in reality neither Nika or Bella has a true innie cunt.   The photos are from Watch 4 Beauty some of which were published on 31st July 2012 and the remainder on 15th August 2012.

[Image: M0fSHnj.jpg]

[Image: pEskx2E.jpg]

Credits to Watch4Beauty
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , butterdog , eldios86

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