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Bianca Breeze
AKA none known
DOB 1983 USA

From Anilos "Taking Care Of Business" set, April 9, 2014

[Image: tlulf0nlulww.jpg] [Image: 3ytfpz7b4qpo.jpg] [Image: ntua5bod7e66.jpg]
[Image: m95j4suqb077.jpg] [Image: ib4wj7rp7927.jpg]

Credit to ANILOS
[imgchili replaced]
From Anilos "Intense Workout" set, March 30, 2014

[Image: 8qnf6adgv6ov.jpg] [Image: sl16yax0gx6c.jpg] [Image: sjqtz6paguha.jpg]
[Image: xi4st97uparc.jpg] [Image: h3l2xjrhyhea.jpg]

Credit to ANILOS
[imgchili replaced]
I noticed this Bianca Breeze thread, and since
I am a big Adriano fan, I remembered
she did a scene for him in Anal Honeys #2 (released May 27, 2014)
I always thought she was hot and has nice green eyes.

She is one sexy slut who loves to show off those big pussy lips too.
Most of the scene is anal of course but there are lots
of great shots of her erotic pussy, especially
when Adriano fucks it for a while. And goes back and forth
between her anus and vagina.

Her big pussy lips wrap around his cock as he thrusts, gripping it.
When he slides his cock out it's smeared in white, creamy pussy juice that looks like milk.
She's definitely not just there for the paycheck, she must really
like getting fucked on camera.

[Image: th_262701965_bb2_123_183lo.jpg] [Image: th_262702995_bb3_123_407lo.jpg] [Image: th_262702524_bb4_123_68lo.jpg]
[Image: th_262703234_bb5_123_210lo.jpg] [Image: th_526270467_bb6_123_69lo.jpg]

I made two GiFs (one & two) that show her pussy off, you can see in
one of them some creamy, white pussy juice

[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Labialoves , OnanCummings , woohoo
From Anilos "Will You Assist Me" set, April 14, 2014

[Image: xd8hpptyf9dl.jpg] [Image: w7u88cwkmx2b.jpg] [Image: dw2qg3w1xzr6.jpg]
[Image: bdj02qku6cpr.jpg] [Image: lgfcji4milqs.jpg]

Credit to ANILOS
[imgchili replaced]
From Anilos "Hottie And Her Toy" set, March 25, 2014

[Image: an0utlpl3lum.jpg] [Image: n564udn0ceej.jpg] [Image: xid3axnhdb8o.jpg]
[Image: ey74x9qqgxma.jpg] [Image: q5x588y72oju.jpg]

Credit to ANILOS
[imgchili replaced]
Images of Bianca Breeze from AllOver30, Set "Lacey Ladies" May 21st, 2014, (1594x2400)

[Image: mr85zbtd3m9f.jpg] [Image: 8en2ex41flj3.jpg] [Image: 078ylyj3b495.jpg]
[Image: pnjyaa38wewh.jpg] [Image: puoczh09ztne.jpg]

Credit to AllOver30
Images of Bianca Breeze from AllOver30, Set "Elegant Ladies" Apr 18th, 2014, (680x1024)

[Image: th_645559482_Bianca_Breeze_ao30_4_18_14_1_122_488lo.jpg] [Image: th_645565152_Bianca_Breeze_ao30_4_18_14_2_122_160lo.jpg] [Image: th_645569960_Bianca_Breeze_ao30_4_18_14_3_122_256lo.jpg]
[Image: th_645574233_Bianca_Breeze_ao30_4_18_14_4_122_169lo.jpg] [Image: th_645578549_Bianca_Breeze_ao30_4_18_14_5_122_113lo.jpg]

Credit to AllOver30
[ replaced]
Images of Bianca Breeze from AllOver30, Set "9 to 5 Ladies" March 8, 2014, (1594x2400)

[Image: bq3whce57684.jpg] [Image: klzgytgth5m4.jpg] [Image: 4qo64yjzahzv.jpg]
[Image: xm7kkzdt8qa0.jpg] [Image: tm2cv6yub0sk.jpg]

Credit to AllOver30
Bianca Breeze from KarupsOW, August 13, 2013

[Image: f50ggkgklbq8.jpg] [Image: wr42j2qk42vi.jpg] [Image: yu38jqf9hsxv.jpg]
[Image: dqytujjk0fzn.jpg] [Image: y5tthxqkrtw3.jpg]

Credit to KarupsOW
Bianca Breeze from AuntJudy's set #284355, August 24, 2013

[Image: mxvwiorl07e6.jpg] [Image: hkojmpxwrdwk.jpg] [Image: yj7e87sq5x08.jpg]
[Image: djmubhlfbxbw.jpg] [Image: tywg3it3bttl.jpg]

Credit to AuntJudys, a member of the AMKingdom Network

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