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Nadia Styles
AKA Zenida
DOB June 25, 1982 USA

Pussy golf........Wow

From FTV Milfs "Hole In One" June 4, 2015

[Image: p5x7f3bn0ej4.jpg] [Image: yl83o5igkrw0.jpg] [Image: klnnsd3mbcy7.jpg]
[Image: myl6ei1xuycy.jpg] [Image: x0fhdt3jiv2q.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Milfs

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From FTV Milfs "Serious Squirting" June 4, 2015

[Image: 60m8ivp2dqhn.jpg] [Image: 3ghqz3ytke4k.jpg] [Image: o2hcu9kiuch0.jpg]
[Image: kd4raubfujx8.jpg] [Image: tpw4mzi6385n.jpg]

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From FTV Milfs "No Panties Required" June 4, 2015

[Image: 109548077_137.jpg] [Image: 109548076_146.jpg] [Image: 109548075_171.jpg]

[Image: 109548074_133.jpg] [Image: 109548072_180.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Milfs
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Nadia Styles from James Deen's "Nadia is Double Penetrated" set

[Image: t8uukxgdq0xu.jpg] [Image: ie2trdyy3s0e.jpg] [Image: o5t6fhhkw8n4.jpg]
[Image: a0dbgxcfpfpn.jpg] [Image: hdfp19olj6ya.jpg]

Credit to James Deen
Nadia Styles from CherryPimps
Set "Big Beautiful Pussy Lips" (2016-10-04)

[Image: q2byncap79c8_t.jpg] [Image: tsj45b47bywe_t.jpg] [Image: y3iu0hkaunjk_t.jpg]
[Image: 6oztkk2q1vtm_t.jpg] [Image: b6tltpml1kmd_t.jpg]

Credit to CherryPimps
Would love to see more of this babe!!!
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Nadia Styles, whose real name is Patrice Elizabeth Roldan began showing her tits and cunt on the internet in 2005.   Back then, as well as having a very appetizing cunt, Nadia had a beautiful pair of natural 36B tits which she sadly decided to have enhanced to D cup on 2006.   These pics of her with fake tits, but still with a very appetizing cunt, are from the start of a boy-girl set from Evil Angel.

[Image: 8StB9hR.jpg]

[Image: 07gOubk.jpg]

[Image: LDybERV.jpg]

[Image: SNwW2mD.jpg]

[Image: fBjAq11.jpg]
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I mentioned in the previous post that at the start of her porn career, Nadia had a beautiful pair of 36B cup tits which were 100% natural.   Here she is showing those tits (and her gorgeous cunt too) in a set from kickass.

[Image: 8BUwO1X.jpg]

[Image: 2sXmnfz.jpg]

[Image: VnMXh5M.jpg]

[Image: V3BrV5d.jpg]

[Image: H4DaiRO.jpg] 
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo
Wow, those were great B's. Too bad she went the bolt on route.... Her lips are always lovely
Thanks given by: KhristjanX
Following on from post #8, here are some more pics of Nadia with her natural tits, this time in a girl-girl set.   The other girl (with the blonde streaks in her hair) is Jeannie Marie Sullivan who was born Jacqueline Claire Hiner in Nevada on 4th December 1986.   Sadly she too had her tits enlarged to D cup with a similar result as Nadia.   Here are both girls showing their tits and cunts in a Naughty Bookworms set from Naughty America which was first seen on 2nd February 2006.

[Image: cs7B6Ta.jpg]

[Image: UgQwJUb.jpg]

[Image: LI8Iv0d.jpg]

[Image: M03DTad.jpg]

[Image: cjZC2T8.jpg]
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