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FTV Girls unknown model
Here are screen caps from a short video titled "Rogue Fashion Show" of an unknown model who was never used by FTV Girls.

She sure as hell has some fantastic danglelicious labia!

Anyone know who she is?

This was the accompanying copy:

"A girl who never made the cut for FTV, was a nice girl for sure, but in the end, I knew she wouldn't be popular enough for a full update. This was the very beginning of the shoot, an outtake portion that had her trying on different outfits and getting naked. She had several cute outfits to show, and a sexy selection of things to start with. Cute little body with long labia too, and flexible enough to do the splits."

[Image: 107624145_screenshot_2017_06_25_07_59_5.jpg] [Image: 107624144_screenshot_2017_06_25_07_57_5.jpg]

[Image: 107624142_screenshot_2017_06_25_07_51_3.jpg] [Image: 107624640_screenshot_2017_06_25_07_49_2.jpg] [Image: 107624141_screenshot_2017_06_25_07_47_3.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls
Where'd you find this video? How could such a gorgeous model not "make the cut" for FTV?
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Were you found this video??
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Here is her photoshoot from the Bonus section, bad quality Dodgy

A shoot that never got very far, she's a cute, very flexible girl who is introduced at the local zoo, where we get away with some pretty glamour and upskirt shots. She's wearing a cute short dress, with sexy wedges - and her long labia show through the dress in the sun. It's a mix of casual fashion, teases, and her showing off flexibility and stretching out those really long lips.

Rogue - Slippery When Wet

[Image: jprgicqy1u89.jpg] [Image: 9sswrg172wnk.jpg] [Image: 8kfmxos1d61p.jpg]
[Image: nxr3kuuqf0r0.jpg] [Image: g7sfzrl1lpqf.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls
Were i can find this photoset complete??
Some video of this girl??
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As Rogue, screen caps from FTV Girls's "Rogue At The Zoo" video

[Image: 00htzerrpt2z.jpg]

[Image: 3n2baajxwqxs.jpg]

[Image: f0946we3sk02.jpg]

[Image: jkfv9ww7mn0a.jpg]

Content provided by FTV Girls
Awesome, very lickable anus too...
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