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Pussy Masturbation Videos
Girl films herself masturbating
with purple vibrator. she buzzes
her clit and touches her nipple
and cums in one minute thirty seconds

Girl vibrating her clit until she comes moaning

[Image: th_977788424_Girlvibratingherclituntilsh..._257lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: bigbeefcurtains , eldios86 , cumbie
This one turned me on because her body
looks so good as she undresses and rides
a dildo. Great ass and legs. She filmed it
all in a public change room.

Public Dildo Orgasm In A Dressing Room. She Shows Her Pussy And Ass

[Image: th_021679511_PublicDildo_123_568lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , outdoors76 , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86
This chick is so fuckin hot
playing with her spectacular pussy
she pisses on the floor and masturbates
wish I could find the entire scene
would love to see her ramming that fat
dildo at the start into her creamy hole
forcing those huge pussy lips spread wide open

Diana Fox is playing her wet pussy hole

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: cumbie , oldslim , Redpixel , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86
I unexpectedly found two more videos from that horny MILF from post #18
Once again her pussy is super horned-up with that amazing
gape. Video one has a woman rubbing pussy and cumming in two minutes, then horny MILF appears
frantically pounding her pussy with a dildo and talking dirty until she cums. In video two she rides
a dildo and talks dirty to herself then cums. Her little homemade videos really turn me on. i made two gifs. i rotated the first one because the video is sideways

1. Squirting Orgasms ................................ 2. Creamy orgasm after dildo insertion

[Image: giphy.gif] [Image: giphy.gif]
Sexy beautiful Veronica Rodriguez masturbates and squirts
then at 6 minutes it gets hot. she sits on the wet floor and
slides her ass around, showing off her gorgeous body and fine looking pussy

Veronica Rodriguez Squirting From Dildo Play

[Image: giphy.gif]
A very horny MILF with a large erotic looking clit begins masturbating
with a dildo and vibrator. then she drops them and goes to town on clitoris with fingers,
stroking and rubbing it for three minutes. you can see her pussy filling with cum.
and her clit is so big it moves around from side to side as she strokes it.
musta felt amazing because at 5 minutes she lets out a sudden loud gasp,
moans deeply several times, and her pussy and anus start contracting.
as her orgasm ends she sinks to the floor in exhaustion.

Athletic MILF rubs her large clit to orgasm

[Image: giphy.gif]
Another one from the orgasm addict.
She's uploaded 40+ videos of furious
masturbation. It must heighten her
arousal knowing she is being watched.
She has a hot lookin clit and her pussy
is always aroused and open.

My Glass Dildo In The Chair

[Image: th_422954633_MyGlassDildoInTheChair_123_793lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , oldslim , eldios86
Pretty lady masturbates
for ten minutes alternating
between a big dildo and clit
rubbing. At nine minutes
you can see her anus start
contracting and hear
moaning as she orgasms.
She pushes herself towards the camera
for a close-up showing off her
horny wet pussy.

god I'm a horny bitch

[Image: th_509085359_godImahornybitch_123_166lo.jpg]

In another video she masturbates with a glass dildo
Her pussy constantly produces milky cum
which she spreads over her pussy
and keeps going like that for seventeen minutes
then she uses her other hand to rub her clit,
and at 18:50 has an orgasm,
with anus contractions lasting 10 seconds.


[Image: th_518296601_Milking_123_461lo.jpg]
Her wetness is incredible!
Thanks given by:
Beautiful woman records herself
buzzing her clit with Hitachi
while pounding her hot hole
with a thick dick, her voice
is very aroused sounding and you can
see how creamy she gets, and how
erotic her big pussy looks.
after cumming she shows close-ups
of her wet, open pussy

Playing with my teen tight creamy pussy before i go to college

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: cumbie , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86

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