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Pussy Masturbation Videos
Her clit get buzzed
with a vibrating wand and you can see
her cum oozing out as she keeps moaning
she has a nicely shaped pussy with thick labia

Close-Up Pussy Cumming

[Image: th_902774010_Close_UpPussyCumming_123_345lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , outdoors76 , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86
Talk about willpower, she masturbated for two hours straight,
stroking her clit and pussy lips softly with a paint brush,
and then buzzing her swollen clit with a red vibrator,
delaying orgasm for that long is epic, then
she began recording it and kept going for
another 33 min! finally she could no
longer resist the pleasure, and she came hard

Intense clit orgasm after edging session (I started recording after 2 hrs)

[Image: th_101600929_Intenseclitorgasm_123_231lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: outdoors76 , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86 , cumbie
Woman has a very hot looking open pussy
with big lips, nice clit, and very wet
she masturbates with hitachi buzzing clit
while pounding her pussy with a big dildo
and cums multiple times

Lesbian slut squirts for the first time playing with herself

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: outdoors76 , woohoo , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86 , cumbie
She is super horned up with gaping pussy
drooling as two vibrators go to work on
clit and anus. Her pussy is very good looking
with wide lips and thick clit. watching real action
like this is more exciting than most
pornos in my opinion.

Super wet pussy play! Wink

[Image: th_256202571_Superwetpussyplay_123_169lo.jpg]

She has several more videos like this, I'll include another video of her stunning pussy, so wet and gaping after cumming multiple times. It's so hot.

Late Night Wet & Creamy & Dripping Pussy

[Image: th_926076838_gailspussy_123_591lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: outdoors76 , woohoo , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86 , cumbie
Frantic masturbation of clit with hand
while pounding gaping pussy with a huge dildo
and you can hear it in her voice, it's like she is
addicted to orgasm, i think she cums multiple times
and the great part is she has a really hot lookin pussy
and body

Horny College Slut

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: cumbie , outdoors76 , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86
Sasha Grey masturbating
even though her labia are very small
she is so very pretty
I love watching her touch herself

She pleases her pink cherry

[Image: th_371357580_sashagrey_123_500lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , bigbeefcurtains
Horny MILF fucks her pussy with
a big, red dildo while rubbing her clit
and saying dirty stuff under her breath.
Seems like her dirty talk and frantic
masturbating really turn her on because
she orgasms in 5 minutes. She has uploaded
forty videos like this. She is definitely addicted
to cumming.

Toy Fuck

[Image: th_535227449_toyfuck_123_76lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86
Horny MILF with a big pussy
masturbating with a large cucumber
rubs her clit and shows off
her big gape, then she cums

Stretching Big Wet Pussy

[Image: giphy.gif]
Thanks given by: cumbie , outdoors76 , woohoo , bigbeefcurtains
Horny chick with nice mound
rubs her clit and finger fucks herself
then pounds her hole with a brush handle
She cums in two minutes forty seconds

Rubbing clit and finger fucking til I cum

[Image: th_811470671_Rubbibgclitandfingerfucking...3_66lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , KeizerSoze , woohoo , bigbeefcurtains
same horny masturbater from post#1
she strokes her clit softly with a
makeup brush then rubs it hard
she cums in three minutes
i love hearing her gasp then moan
when the orgasm hits, and watching
the contractions

Clit Rubbed with Brush

[Image: th_912864216_ClitRubbedwithBrush_123_527lo.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , bigbeefcurtains , eldios86

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