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imagebam is shutting down ~ called off
The picture host called imagebam has announced they are shutting down the site on June 30, 2017. See the official announcement here -> .

Bad news for some of our members. We have no efficient way of knowing which of the posts on the LabiaForum contain images hosted by imagebam. So please, if you have been using imagebam and want to maintain your posts (and possibly whole threads), you might want to consider uploading to another host and replacing your pictures.

See UPDATE in Post: #2 ..........
Thanks given by: oldslim
UPDATE has taken their notice of closure down. Check the link in Post: #1 above. Not sure what that means. Members of other forums are saying a lot of their folders/files are missing. I would still recommend backing up your pictures (downloading) onto your own PC if you've been using for storage.

Also, the word out there is that was on the verge of shutting down as well. Checking that one out now. It would be wise to retrieve (download) your pictures from this site as well. Monitor here ->

Note of interest: Checked with the ADMIN at . They stated they are sound and have no intentions of shutting down.
Thanks given by: oldslim , butterdog

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