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AKA: none known
Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: ??-??-1995
Birthplace: Latvia

Images of Anissa from WeAreHairy, set "Skirt Plaid Shorts" Jun 29, 2015, (2000x3000)

[Image: a6txx0ps6cmh.jpg] [Image: emo5n7a90u4z.jpg] [Image: kqqctbu0z7xt.jpg]
[Image: axdv6rns8cnh.jpg] [Image: r2ju69attl3y.jpg]

Credit to WeAreHairy
ShowyBeauty 2015-01-30 Anissa - Taste Me

[Image: 25074350_ShowyBeauty-0024.jpg] [Image: 25074354_ShowyBeauty-0025.jpg] [Image: 25074405_ShowyBeauty-0047.jpg] [Image: 25074412_ShowyBeauty-0054.jpg] [Image: 25074468_ShowyBeauty-0096.jpg]

Credit to ShowyBeauty

Some more pics of Anissa. This time they are from a shoot she did with 18eighteen.

From 18eighteen's "Bush Babe" set, August 3, 2015 ....

[Image: 28oOTv9.jpg]

[Image: 43nA4ma.jpg]

[Image: 0qrl46P.jpg]

[Image: 3ciQTCO.jpg]

[Image: m7UafoM.jpg]

Credit to 18eighteen
Here is Anissa in the nude again and happily holding her hairy cunt open and showing inside her vagina.  The pics come from the first of six photo shoots that Anissa did for We Are Hairy and were first seen on 23rd May 2015.  She appears nude in six HD We Are Hairy videos too.

[Image: IjzZD0b.jpg]

[Image: z0nS9Yg.jpg]

[Image: 8OvZ7Sy.jpg]

[Image: dVYTyTT.jpg]

[Image: iDkjCVN.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , Redpixel , woohoo , lippenfreund
Anissa from ShowyBeauty
Set "Natural Flower" (2 Apr, 2015)

[Image: yjwcfwlru07k.jpg] [Image: khej2yufjaaz.jpg] [Image: xwbe8zaf6xpf.jpg]
[Image: 97b09o4vkg5z.jpg] [Image: 1el6ktetnu56.jpg]

Credit to ShowyBeauty
Thanks given by: cumbie , xxl4skin , woohoo , Redpixel , nealxnyc , lippenfreund
Anissa from ShowyBeauty
Set "Cutie Beauty" (24 May, 2015)

[Image: 9aw72gtpzi9i.jpg] [Image: xwqvdbxzeqro.jpg] [Image: zjopf95dpha4.jpg]
[Image: xet4bmroyzt0.jpg] [Image: o0b85k9c3qk2.jpg]

Credit to ShowyBeauty

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