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New here, so hi gals and guys
Hi everyone!! Loving this site! Have been a visitor here for a while, and finally decided to sign up. Looks to be a great community of like - minded people who appreciate all things.... umm... lippy??? :-) :-)

I'm a photographer from Australia, and whilst nude / erotic photography is only a part of my business, it's a great add-on and obviously great fun to do. My wife thinks I should share some of the body of our erotic work, simply because we love this aspect of our business. Feel free to comment and / or offer suggestions.

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to spending some time conversing with you.

Warm regards,
Thanks given by: Knightoe , butterdog , ruuhann
Welcome Hello and welcome to the Forum Captain Coinslot. I look forward to seeing your pictures Beer3
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Thanks Knightoe. I hope you like some of them. Appreciate the warm welcome. Thumbs
Thanks given by: Knightoe

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