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Your favorites this year?
Yes, Honeylane is definitely no 1!
Narrowing it down to webcam models I would say Hannah_Scott and Sophia_S
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(12-11-2016, 10:42 AM)fer_baires Wrote:
(12-11-2016, 09:23 AM)norman_druart Wrote: Very nice choices, fer_baires! I am not much into cam sites since the image quality is more often than not rather low and I love being able to see every detail, but the two beauties you nominated have alluring vulvas! As for Lilly Ford, she does have quite the amazing pussy indeed! Really beautiful butterfly lips.

Chaturbate offers HD video, if the model has a good camera and bandwidth. I have recorded pretty good shows!

Who's the second girl? Drool
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It's that time of the year again! While I think 2016 was a stellar year for new vulvas, I must admit 2017 was a bit tamer in comparison. That said, there were still tons of new, beautiful flowers to behold. My top 5 this year:

1. Crystal Maiden: The uncontested winner in my eyes this year is none other than Crystal Maiden, with her absolutely mouth-watering, lush, plump cunt. Her vulva has mostly symmetrical thick lips that take on a very beautiful shape when blooming, but what I love the most about it is that little mole on her clitoral hood that sets her apart. Such a beauty.
2. Brit: This newcomer is an absolute stunner and has an insanely alluring pink pussy with very beautiful long and thin lips that are brown near the edges, with a lot of pretty bumps and wrinkles. Her clitoral hood is superb with many pretty little folds you just want to explore in detail. She's definitely one to watch for me.
3. Jasmine Hane: While not as spectacular in my eyes as Crystal Maiden's or Brit's, Jasmine Hane's pussy is still very beautiful and she knows how to display it in its full glory. Short but thick pink lips, an equally thick but straight clitoral hood with a big fold to the side and more pretty folds, brown this time, on her fourchette. She also gets bonus points for being perpetually aroused and in the mood for sex which results in some very pretty shots of her wet, yearning vulva.
4. Hannah Hays: Huge is how I'd describe all of the sexy bits of Hannah Hays' wonderful cunt. What a BIG pussy this petite girl has, wow! Thick, long pink lips and a big, alluring clitoris under a short but thick hood. Just superb. She doesn't smile often but her vulva sure brings a smile to my face.
5. Georgia: This little brunette beauty has a thin vulva with puffy labia majora and cute, relatively short labia minora that take a very beautiful butterfly shape once they're spread. Her clitoral hood is mostly flat and wide and has tons of lovely folds everywhere, with her clitoris kept safe deep between them. Her lips are thin and pink, with little hints of darker shades near their thicker, bumpy egdes — and they don't do much to conceal her usually gaping, lovely vagina.

Honorable mentions are Brooke Waters (huge, tall pussy with long, wavy thin pink lips that get darker and thicker on the edges), Jacqueline from DeNudeArt (beautiful vulva with a lovely, thick clitoral hood with many folds, and short but equally thick lips with tons of bumps), Agatha (flat and large clitoral hood with tons of folds, thick bumpy pink lips) and Melanee Star (super wide and flat clitoral hood that starts narrow, with a huge clitoris and wavy, thick pink lips with lots of bumps and wrinkles everywhere).

And you, what are your picks this year?
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Who was everyone's favorites from last year? We should keep this going
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