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Dasha ... Russian nude model, actress and TV personality
No labia forum would be complete without the incredible Dasha.

Born Daria Maiorova, February 24, 1972, in Russia.

Went by the name of Dasha or Dasha P during her modelling career (pics produced by "modelflats"). Retired from modelling to pursue an acting career. Starred in 3-4 feature films produced in Russia.

Today, Dasha is married, has two children and works as a TV host for the morning show "Mood" on TVC (Russia)

Recent pics of Dasha:
[Image: th_848533244_Daria_Maiorova_Russian_mode..._360lo.jpg].[Image: th_305515923_Daria_Maiorova_Russian_Host...1015lo.jpg].[Image: th_848576846_Daria_Maiorova_Russian_Host..._363lo.jpg]

Credit pics and most bio information:

Selected pictures from 3 different sets (clickable thumbnails):

[Image: th_305525963_mflt_dasha_1_122_198lo.jpg].[Image: th_848621795_Dasha2_122_481lo.jpg].[Image: th_305517419_Dasha3_122_60lo.jpg].[Image: th_305519849_Dasha4_122_258lo.jpg]

[Image: th_305521104_Dasha_Modelflats_nude_1_122_383lo.jpg].[Image: th_848720679_Dasha_Modelflats_nude_2_122_403lo.jpg].[Image: th_305523993_Dasha_Modelflats_nude_3_122_539lo.jpg]

[Image: th_848757765_Dasha_modelflats_nude_labia..._419lo.jpg].[Image: th_848772366_Dasha_modelflats_nude_labia..._582lo.jpg]

Credit for pics to "modelflats". The site has now changed owners and is used for "meeting Russian women". It is not recommended
going directly to this site (Google will even warn you that you are going to be redirected and may compromise your computer). There are hundreds
of other sites that have posted Dasha's pics over the years. Just search images for "modelflats dasha" and be amazed.
Dasha's puffy labia majora is legendary.

Her pussy surely turns all kinds of tight clothes into a cameltoe outfit in no time.

Thanks a lot!
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Wow, Dasha you could say has perfect lips plus is really very sexy girlDrool, thanks for the images and information my firendThumbs
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Selected images from the "window" set:

[Image: th_215064279_Dasha_modelflats_nude_4_122_254lo.jpg].[Image: th_231779174_Dasha_modelflats_nude_5_122_118lo.jpg].[Image: th_317793379_Dasha_modelflats_nude_6_122_481lo.jpg]

[Image: th_215108454_Dasha_modelflats_nude_7_122_33lo.jpg].[Image: th_317795883_Dasha_modelflats_nude_8_122_186lo.jpg]

Selected images from the "shower" set:

[Image: th_318355964_Dasha_modelflats_nude_9_122_202lo.jpg].[Image: th_318358443_Dasha_modelflats_nude_10_122_211lo.jpg]

Clickable thumbnails
Credit to modelflats
Thanks given by: felix , WETPUSLOV , roberto11 , ruuhann , butterdog , djwantsit
Here's one more pic showing Dasha and her delicous puffy labia majora (aka "innie vulva")

[Image: 1tUoyzV.jpg]
Thanks given by: Knightoe , WETPUSLOV , ruuhann , butterdog , djwantsit
Sweet! How did I miss that one? Delicious "innie" labia indeed Smiley211kl. Gawd, she's a sexy woman eh? Sighhhh. Thanks for this felix Beer3
Thanks given by: felix
(11-12-2013, 09:10 AM)Knightoe Wrote: Sweet! How did I miss that one? Delicious "innie" labia indeed Smiley211kl.

I actually found this picture using a google query on either "innie" or "innie vulva" today. So getting to know these terms has already paid off for me, it seems Cool2
Thanks given by: Knightoe , ummagumma

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