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Im exactly a model but im decent looking and ive hidden my body all my life and im now ready to show of little slut inside

Hey Smile im a 23 year old female with pretty large pussy lips. I was always considered a "hot" girl thru my teen years but little did everyone know i was crying myself to sleep and considering every torturous option to get rid of my freakish parts. While all my friends were losing thier virginity i wasnt letting anyone get near me. Im a very sexual person with the highest libido and i was so frustrated and depressed with myself. I couldnt wear jeans without feeling like they were rubbing on every hard seam i was ashamed to wear a bikini even tho i was fit and training hard. I was a mess. I ended up dating a guy when i was about 19 this sounds really horrible but i found someone with a nice personality but someone who wasnt at all attractive i guess in my messed up mind i thouht he would appreciate me more and maybe not think i was such a freak. It was a toxic relationship he learnt of my insacurity and used it agaisnt me saying if i left him he would tell everyone it even got as bad as him taking photos while i was asleep. He LOVED it during sex wich made me feel wonderful but he also made me feel like he would be the only person in the world who would accept it and that id never find anyone else who wont think im a freak..funny that two little pink slips between my legs controlled my entire life. That relationship obviously got abusive and i left. I do kinda love them now they have thier perks but As much as id love to just have a one night stand or be a bit slutty my lips keep holding me back . Its just the fear of what others will think.
After 1 other shit boyfriend who i think is gay but wont come out (also diddnt help my self esteem when he never wanted me sexually and was turned down all the time) i do now have a great guy who loves my body. I have doubts at times and i think he might prefer it if it was smaller but he never makes me feel bad and he loves me regardless. Just to be really honest i do want to meet someone who just is crazy for it. That would feel amazing.
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Welcome A big welcome to the Forum slipperygrl. Great to have you with us Beer3 You have definitely found a place where large labia are appreciated Thumbs
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(10-17-2016, 03:16 PM)Knightoe Wrote: Welcome A big welcome to the Forum slipperygrl. Great to have you with us Beer3 You have definitely found a place where large labia are appreciated Thumbs

+1000 ! ! Thumbs

slipperygrl : You can put pictures of your labia ?
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Welcome to the forum, slipperygrl! Thank you for taking some time to share a bit of your story with us. You are in good company here.

It is truly a shame that our society can make young girls and women go through some of the uncomfortable and insecure feelings such as what you have experienced. It makes me happy to read that you have started to love your lips now though! Smile

May I ask, when did you first notice your labia were large? Was it from a very young age or later on?
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Welcome! You're amongst friends and admirers here, so don't be ashamed to be yourself here. Smile
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I hope that you will feel safe and respected on this forum. If you get a chance, read some of the threads and contributions from other women on this forum with what may be some similar situations. SweetDeanna is remarkably forthcoming in her comments as well. We wish you well.
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Thanks everyone. I think inwas pretty young when i noticed them but i cant really remember. I just remember being about 10 and thinking to myself. "These are werid lucky girls dont get married untill they are 30 so i wont ever have to show amyone" hahaha i had no idea about life. But i knew pretty much instantly that they were odd

Also id like to add that i diddnt chose my username
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Hi there! You will find lots of thanks and support here gorgeous! I'm running to work but stick around and have fun chatting with people who know you are normal (maybe a bit better than normal??!!) and sexy.
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(10-20-2016, 06:43 AM)sweetdeanna Wrote: maybe a bit better than normal??!!) and sexy.

Ho yes better than normal ! ! Thumbs
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