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I like stories....
Such a shame this thread didn't take off. I bet you are all much more talented than you think you are and I'm sure you all know what you would do if you found yourself in front of your ideal woman. Fortunately, I do have some rather lovely stories of my own I wrote for a past lover and with a little bit of editing (since I have a hunch I know what you like) I think this forum might enjoy them.
I would like to read some of them Grin

Labia Lover
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I used to date a lovely guy who liked to be told elaborate fantasies, and when he was working interstate for long stretches of time I would email him stories. He has some specific tastes so I would cater to these and I hope you enjoy this particular favourite of mine. I often use variations on it when I touch myself or just want to settle back and relax with a nice fantasy playing through my mind. Its long- J would be gone for weeks at a time- so let me know if you want more. You will see I have changed some details especially for you all xx D.

The Island- Part 1
In my fantasy, I'm one of only a dozen women on an island of gorgeous, hungry men who worship me like a goddess because of the beauty of my labia. On this island, the bigger and juicier and longer a women's lips, the more she is prized as a sensual conquest. Out of all those sexy labia, none can compare to what i have between my thighs and my juicy butterfly is recognised as the finest, with very special powers. Representing fertility and pleasure, it is a great honour to fuck me and seen as bringing you luck and good fortune- as well as pleasure beyond your imaginings.

Because things got a little out of control and every man was begging me every moment of everyday, looking with hunger at the juicy lips that peek between my toned thighs as i walk or squat or bend or go about my day, we had to think of a way to keep these men under control and make sure my tribe of similarly gorgeous women were placated. After all, they are hungry for attention too and all possess fat gorgeous cunts. Just none as fine as my butterfly, but thats no reason for them to miss out. All my women work hard to be as delicious as possible for the men, devoting a considerable amount of time every day to massage and pull and stretch out their oiled labia in an effort to mimic mine. This way, all day they get to enjoy the sensations of the cool island breeze on their damp dangling lips which are made even more sensitive and plump from all the oiled attention. Their labia are always as flushed and stretched as possible from being tugged and rubbed and rolled between fingers, and slapped repeatedly to increase the blood flow. It drives the men wild to always have so much plump wet labia on display, and the women don’t try to hide it. Every woman is walking around with an engorged labia rubbing between her thighs which I don’t mind telling you feels rather wonderful. It keeps us all in a constant state of mild arousal which is a wonderful way to live and why our society is so peaceful. You should see what happens when one of us becomes newly pregnant- the breasts, nipples and labia swell so profoundly that it truly is a magical sight and they are impossible to conceal. We all take the time to oil and massage ourselves as much as possible to care for and grow our gorgeous lips. Sometimes the women help each other out by stroking and massaging and pulling on each others’ labia, either 1-1 or seated in small circles so they can gossip about their favourite men while tugging on a labia, or laugh about who they caught masturbating furiously while spying on them, as they scrubbed the floor on their hands and knees, their lips clearly visible, dangling between their parted thighs and jiggling wildly with their efforts.

So its just not fair that I kept getting all the attention simply because I was so lucky to be born with the creamiest cunt and most cushiony lips and so we agree on some rules. No man shall approach me unless the moon is full. On that night, we play a special game that helps keep all my men under control. On all other days, I am free to take a man whenever I choose, which is often, but I do so in secret because the jealously that arouses in others means they might neglect their women. No women deserves to be neglected. While i am "abstaining" i make sure my women are all satisfied- it isn't hard. Not with a dozen fat pussies just existing to be sucked and fucked with fingers and tongues and cocks, and almost 3 men available for every one. Men have had to learn to share on my island! Sometimes, they have to share with me too because sometimes, girls just want to be with their girlfriends and taste those sweet juices for themselves.

Is this something you would like to read more of? Would you like to know about the game I made up to keep my men in line?
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Hey Deanna,

LOVED your story! I haven't ever written mine down. I need to as there are many in my head. I have such a vivid imagination about what my "labia" queen would be and how just her simple presence would demand the rule of her kingdom. I picture her in sexy leather armor. Nothing of robes typical to royalty, but scantily clad armor. Light enough to be super I mean accessible lol...but with the appearance she means business and is not to be trifled with.

[Image: nt0GwU9.jpg]

I also have thought of devices she could have to "display" her labia for all to see. Specifically a pump designed exclusively for large inner labia. There are some out there for the clit that women use now but I am not a fan of these. The inner labia are crammed in there without the proper room to expand. They need to design a large-winged butterfly style reservoir. This design would allow only the inner labia to enter. Each labia (left and right) would have it's own proper chamber to expand. My queen would use this when she is not having them sucked or pulled. For her this is necessary because in order for her to remain queen she needs to stay ahead of the power curve. By having her inner labia only subject to a slight vacuum she would never be challenged in length and thickness as hers would continue to grow.

Something with a shape like this only much larger and with a chamber on each "wing"

[Image: Xs4D00q.jpg]

Oh to dream...

Thanks given by: Knightoe , sweetdeanna
(09-03-2016, 05:01 PM)Dan Goole-Fermi Wrote: I have such a vivid imagination about what my "labia" queen would be and how just her simple presence would demand the rule of her kingdom. I picture her in sexy leather armor. Nothing of robes typical to royalty, but scantily clad armor. Light enough to be super I mean accessible lol...but with the appearance she means business and is not to be trifled with.

Wow Dan, she is FIERCE! I like her.

I might be enjoying this the most out of everyone, but hopefully I can make some of you smile. Besides, its my day off so here goes....

Part 2
So, you see why it was necessary for me to make this ruling. When the moon is full, two of my women come to collect me. I have already bathed with the help of my two best girlfriends, who lovingly rubbed a bar of soap back and forth between the lips of my cunt and over my clit, before using their fingers to be sure every last bit of my butt and cunt is clean and fresh, inside and out. I let my body dry naturally, spread out on the day bed while my girlfriends each devote their full attention to one of my lips, rubbing me with oil and providing me with their skilled massage. I want my men to catch the scent of me, clean but dirty, as I enter the ceremony tonight, and for my lips to be as soft and primed as possible in order to take all that they have coming. I don’t want to be TOO clean! All this gorgeous spreading open of my lips, pulling them out to their full length and 20 fingers kneading in soft slow circles over the inner lips to stimulate my wetness, its not designed to make me come. That privilege belongs to my men tonight, and they have been waiting so patiently for the opportunity.

It is time. I am blindfolded and led to the ceremony.
Let me explain how it works.

Tonight, only one man will get to spend to spend the night with me to experience my multi orgasmic talents. This man will be the envy of everyone. Tonight, many men will try to be the ones to make me come but only the only the one who succeeds gets to have me all to himself.

I am seated on mounds of cushions that let me adjust to provide the most comfort - i will be here for a long while- and also the greatest access and view of my engorged pussy. I arrange myself gracefully on the cushions, building up the height of my hips before waiting naked in front of the men until I am allowed to open my legs and take all the pleasure i deserve. I take this time to rub my fingers over my nipples, gently graze them and roll them under my fingers to reignite my desire, and to harden and pink them up so they look their prettiest. While I play, The men line up and the ceremony begins.

Every man gets 2 minutes to worship me in whatever way he chooses before he is forced to abandon his pleasure. There is always much impatience and jostling from those next in line as they have to watch their friends and enemies have their time with me while they all stand there tugging on their cocks and trying not to come. The men have learned that if they don't try to make me come too soon that there is more chance they will get a second, third, or even forth chance to pleasure me. For this reason, anyone not showing enough reverence- being too rough, or not trying hard enough to please me in the ways the men know i respond to, will be banished from the group. It is a fine line that every man walks in his two minutes of bliss- make me come, and if that doesn’t happen soon then don’t leave me so ready I come for the next man.

I wait in the sweetest anticipation for the pleasure to begin, unable to see and aware of nothing but the throb in my vulva caused by knowing all those eyes are feasting on my treasure proudly displayed to them. I love the feeling of power this gives me and unconsciously open me legs even wider for the men and the first of them approaches and kneels down before me.

The first man simply places his whole mouth over my vulva and breaths slowly. His lips form a seal around me and i feel the warmth of his breath and the slight suction of his mouth. He simply kneels there like this, moaning softly and causing the sweetest vibrations as he does.

The second seamlessly steps in to stroke my vulva. He places his fingers on either side of my clit and runs them down between my lips, gently massaging me a few times. With each stroke, he squeezes my closed lips just a little bit harder together and its not long before a bright diamond of wetness starts to show between them. I know this has happened because he gasps and dives to lap it up. Its always an honour to drink the first drop of my wetness and he is surprised and proud that he made it happen so fast.

Lucky for him he did, because now its the next man's turn. He has to fight his urge to part my soft, flushed lips and drink down all the nectar he knows he will find there. Instead, he concentrates on my closed flower, rubbing the frilled edges between his fingers, tapping and massaging me until....
Another man rubs three fingers all over my meaty pussy in circles, tending to my clit then down over my lips, his fingers teasing at the base of my vulva as if he is about to slip a finger inside me but instead running them back up the length of my still closed lips to tap lightly but insistently on my clit.......while yet another then appears and takes the closed bud of my labia into his mouth and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks……oh god, it is heaven to be pleasured by so many different men in so many different ways.......

OK, wow, I need a break before posting the next chapter xx D

Part 3

The man who approaches me next knows he is more patient than the young studs fighting the urge to come at just the thought of a mouthful of juicy goddess labia. These men are so eager that sometimes i hear the unmistakable groan of an orgasm the moment they kneel before me with my beautiful lips parted and glistening. Or they have to be forcibly pulled off me as they come just at their 2 minute mark and are unable to stop tongue fucking me as they orgasm. I don't get angry when this happens, in fact I quite like it, knowing these poor boys just can’t control themselves yet but want so badly to experience me shuddering on their face. But it is strictly forbidden to come on or inside of me during the ceremony and the younger men are always a little ashamed and embarrassed that they can’t control themselves. They are deemed unsuitable to be my lover for that night and sent to watch in humiliation and frustration, tugging their balls and sucking their fingers for the last drops of me left on their fingers. These ones will have to practice more. They are disqualified.

But this man has control, and knows that the more men who come and get disqualified, the less competition he will have. So instead of kneeling before me, he kneels behind me and gently opens my lips wide to expose my butterfly, before using his thumbs to stroke the long length of my lips from inside to out. His thick calloused thumbs alternate between dipping inside me and stroking my labia, and they build up the most exquisite rhythm. I start to rock my hips gently in time with his masterful strokes and give my men a delightful show. He has spread me wide for them and made sure he hasn’t obstructed the view. he wants men to come at the sight of my wide open butterfly and sure enough some start masturbating furiously. They should know better. I am sorry when the man’s two minutes are up and look forward to his next turn, but it is short-lived because my lips are now spread wide open by him and that signals the hungry feasting to begin and the next man buries his face in my lips and gets to work with his tongue.

Now i lose track of when one man stops taking his pleasure and another starts, so seamlessly they blend into each other. The next man is always ready to jump in- he doesn't want to waste a second of his precious time and is careful to make sure i barely notice the change. This way he has more chance of being "the one”, he doesn’t want to take me out of the moment. Sometimes, out of the fog of pleasure, i recognise a favoured man's technique- a special move here, a secret tongue swirl he wont tell anyone else about in case he loses his advantage. I recognise the man from before, and it is with a shudder of ecstasy as he performs a move on me that leaves me wondering what on earth it was he did.

For almost an hour, men all kneel before me and lick and suck and rub my cunt or hum on my clit or suck submissively on my nipples while they dip a finger into my wetness. I take my pleasure with grace and am always appreciative, always positioning my hips so my men all get the best view of my cunt, my strong, flexible and graceful body arched and undulating and shuddering in encouragement. Which man will be the lucky one with his face between my thighs when I come?

Now that the men can tell I am as flushed and wet as it is possible to be they are left with a difficult decision. What happens if they are the man who gets me almost there, and is pushed aside by the next guy eager to be the one to take me over the edge? So even now, the strategy employed by most men is to gently tease tease tease in the hope that they will be the lucky one to take over at just the right time. I am a river of wetness, and my labia are throbbing with my increased pulse and the blood flow that has caused them to swell to almost twice their natural size. Now it is partly a game of skill, and partly a game of chance because who knows which touch will set me over the edge and into the abyss of orgasm.

I have been on the edge for what feels like forever, that exquisite feeling just before you come when you want it so bad its torture but you also never, ever want the torture to end. I have taught myself how to make that torture last for longer than most women take to come because I cannot disappoint my men and they need more than a few minutes with me every month. I want them all to get to taste me and touch me many times before the night is over.

I must have lost concentration for a moment, seeing images in my mind of all those faces buried in my cunt, lapping up my juices, and imagining who they might be. Some lap furiously, trying to drink as much as they can before they are firmly pushed aside by the next man. Some are confident show offs, swirling their tongue over my clit and sucking on mouthfuls of my meaty lips. Others are submissive and suckle gently on my labia or nipples or lick me with all the tenderness and and attention they can.

Suddenly, I feel my favourite man again. I know it is him because of the way his tongue makes my clit vibrate the second it is touched. I still don’t know how he does this, but want more of it and realise that if i come now I can have it all night long from him. he is lapping at my clit in a way that makes my pussy lips rub against his rough cheek, and he moves his head from side to side to feel them smack against his face and pleasure them with the roughness of his stubble at the same time. Suddenly I feel myself penetrated by his tongue and all it takes is 5 or 6 thrusts until I am coming, coming, coming, writhing and bucking my hips into the face of this stranger who i believe i would recognise anywhere.

My men are very good as respecting my rules, and now comes an important one.

Once i start to orgasm the lucky man who is worshipping my body at the time is allowed to stay until i shudder and buck and scream myself silent, no matter how long that takes. If my men have done their job well, it will be a loooong time. He is also allowed to penetrate me at this moment if he chooses and sometimes he does (although most are superstitious and like to save this until after the ceremony).

I am shuddering on the tip of his tongue and fucking his face and breathing in the ragged, shallow, gasping way that makes me feel dizzy but i can’t control. my body is too wracked by my climax, which peaks until i almost want it to stop because my cunt is throbbing so hard and i have momentarily lost my connection with reality. this is how i come every time a man is with me, and partly why they believe that i am in communion with the divine when it happens, asking the goddess above to bestow good karma and social status upon them as a reward for their special talent.

Only once he is sure I have reached the peak of my orgasm does he remove my blindfold, and let me see the man i will fuck tonight, his face still slick with my juices and with such a look of desire and triumph that he was the man to finally make me come. This is also the moment I am treated to one of my favourite sights- dozens of men jacking off hard and coming and coming and moaning while they all stare with hunger and frustration at the sight of me writhing in orgasm, cunt spread wide open for them and the taste of me still in their mouth.

As i return to reality I take in the sight of the beautiful, talented man now breathing in the scent of my climax, nuzzling and nibbling my swollen labia and murmuring his thanks for allowing him to give me such pleasure. No doubt he is torn between imagining what we will do next when we are alone in my tent, and not missing out on drinking up any of the wetness that still trickles out between my beautiful, softly throbbing lips. I look around at my men and smile, and some drop to their knees in gratitude, still holding their spent cocks. I look forward to allowing them to try again, having practised hard on my women over the next few weeks but for now, it is you, still kneeling in front of me with your cock proud and hard- it is you that i turn my attention to. you take my hand but before you can rise and pull me up with you I reach out and grab your cock and it is all i can do to stop myself from taking it into my mouth right there and letting everyone stay to watch our show. But instead I let go, and stand shakily. My lips are quivering between my legs as I try to keep my balance on the cushions but my knees are so weak like a newborn deer that I give everyone one last accidental glimpse of the treasure between my legs. You lead me protectively through the crowd of men, and We walk hand in hand back to my tent to let the night begin.

Well, thankyou to everyone who read that long story. It was a lovely way for me to pass the time until my husband comes home.
Please take some time to worship your labia goddess as soon as possible xx D
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So on your day off you decided to write an amazing story that led me to stop in my tracks and literally fantasize you! Wow wow wow!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this..your right, I cant believe its not been popular 'the stories' thread! Well you got my vote!Biggthumpup
Thanks given by: sweetdeanna
(09-03-2016, 07:45 PM)newface Wrote: So on your day off you decided to write an amazing story that led me to stop in my tracks and literally fantasize you! Wow wow wow!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this..your right, I cant believe its not been popular 'the stories' thread! Well you got my vote!Biggthumpup

thankyou for indulging me & happy you enjoyed it xx
i hope we see some more stories too!
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I just now got to read this. Hoooo-wee, Deanna! You have quite a vivid imagination, and I love it! Thank you for sharing this sexy, sexy story with us. If I were on your island I'd consider myself a very lucky man.. You know exactly how to rev up our heart rates. Well, mine anyway! Hope to see more of your creative writing any time you have the chance. Smile
Thanks given by: sweetdeanna
Thanks, what a lovely thought all that free roaming labia.

I am so obssesd with large labia minora...
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