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Are you obssessed with large labia?
So I figured I ask and this is the place to ask questions!

So basically when I meet a new girl I instantly fantasize what her vagina looks like. Days go on and the build up to that moment she drops her underwear is so intense im like a kid at Christmas! But when she reveals...she has tiny or no protruding labia. This literally kills my erection! I lose complete interest in the woman, even if she is the most stunning lady in the club! I have before literally stopped and made an excuse for a girl I met on the night to go asap! My question is, has anyone felt as time passes that more and more you feel that large labia is the only thing that really turns you on the most? Has it out you off a woman discovering she's not large? Just curious guys and let me know your thoughts.
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this happens exactly to me, i try to figure out how her lips look like, hoping she has some huge ones.
i have found the true treasure only once in my life (2 inches stretched, each lip) and later she became my girlfriend. she was such an horrible person and we broke up after a year.
my next girlfriend had the most tiny lips i have ever seen in my life, which was a terrible turn off. we broke up 2 years later, but not because of her vagina. obviously, we had sex once in a month.
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Glad to see Im not alone on this subject buddy, it sucks doesnt it!!! haha But it is all I think of when I meant a new girl...Bigok
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I do not care of the length of labia ;-)
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Idk man, I don't get you. Sure I do love me a nice meaty labia but breaking up with someone for that is a bit too much...
I think you need to watch more small labia porn XD
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I LOVE large labia and have been with not one but two women whose pussy lips were almost identical to Dominika's...and that spoiled me, for sure. The current girl I'm with has nice size lips but nothing like those pussy queens. Too bad they were complete cunts! LOL

That said, I really want my girl to shave completely (right now it's partial). It would take her to a completely new level of attraction.

I agree about not pursuing someone because of their pussy lips. You like what you like and if you know you're not going to get into it unless she has what you want, then you know. She'd have to be REALLY exceptional to be the exception to that.
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I’m lucky in the sense that my wife has decent size lips.

However, when she’s being a twat and the thought has crossed my mind to get rid of her (never a serious thought btw?) I have thought how hard it might be to replace with someone with equally nice lips?

Should the time ever come where I do require a replacement I don’t think I’d be happy with small lips.
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