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Michelle from Karups-HA ... another pearl from the past:
Along with ATK's Marissa, probably one of the best lippy model from the early-mid 2000s

Too bad she made just few sets with Karups and then dissapeared Sad

I mean, look the size and thickness of those labia ... holy smoke ...

[Image: image.jpg] [Image: 12_1.jpg] [Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg] [Image: 14_2.jpg]

[Image: 0_2.jpg] [Image: 56_1.jpg] [Image: image.jpg] [Image: a_HR0c_Dov_L3d3dy5sd_XN0e_Wd1a_WRl_Lm_Nv...p_ZXMv.jpg]

[Image: image.jpg] [Image: image.jpg] [Image: 14_1.jpg] [Image: image.jpg]

[Image: 15_1.jpg] [Image: 14_3.jpg]

Credit to Karups Home Amateurs

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