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Jasmine C. Doll
Jasmine C. Doll - Freelance model - Great videos here!

[Image: th_467263984_53d0217d0ce6d_123_25lo.jpg] [Image: th_467264455_53e1157ae964d_123_539lo.jpg]
[Image: th_467265569_tumblr_ndd4pr8dgb1tvwn9to7_..._255lo.jpg][Image: th_467266912_img_2783_crop_u4469_123_502lo.jpg]
Pictures 1 & 2, credit to D.D. Photography (Photographer)

Gotta love a girl that understands large labias are sexy!
Score one for the big breasted girls with a beautiful, meaty labia. Yum. Nice find. Thanks. More please. She's very sexy looking.
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There are some awesome videos on her website, not sure why my link refuses to post.
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(02-04-2016, 11:55 AM)BBking73 Wrote: ................ not sure why my link refuses to post.

Not your fault, imagevenue does that sometimes. Log into their site, click on <Folder Viewer>, select your folder with the Jasmin C Doll pics and then at the bottom click on <View Folder>. The pics in the folder will display.

Select the picture that is not working, then click on <Delete> at the top. Now click on <Create Folder>. Wait about 5 minutes. Now select the same folder and then at the bottom click on <Change Folder>. The browse and load window will open. Reload the same picture from your PC. When done just copy the link code for that picture and use it to edit your post ~ just 101 easy steps Biggthumpup

Nice find BBKing73 ~ thanks Thumbs
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Wow you can actually see her beautiful labia move/wiggle when she does in her video! Go to her "closeup" video and she has some amazing scenes with her lips!
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[Image: 56749cad1aa3b.jpg]
[Image: 56b24879df936.jpg]
[Image: 53d45f92013e0.jpg]
[Image: 521ee2f8e445c.jpg]
[Image: 521eddd2f1465.jpg]
Pictures 2 & 3, credit to D.D. Photography (Photographer)

Here is a link to her labia video...
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She also has some great closeups on her "selfie" page, kind of sexy because she took them of herself.
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Jasmine posted a compilation HC video today, get it before it disappears.

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[Image: tumblr_o2ip72uzlo1ucvc4yo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_o2ip72uzlo1ucvc4yo2_1280.jpg]

Check out these Hangers Smiley211kl....
Damn you can actually see her lips cast a shadow on the first pic! Smiley211klThumbsCool2Sm_sauf1

[Image: dsc_6552%20copy-2.jpg]

[Image: 56c8bd20c0657.jpg]
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