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Forum Rules

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to use this website
  2. Women shown on pictures/movies/links must be 18 years or older. If in doubt, it is up to the moderation team to decide whether content may be posted or not.
  3. Banned sites/Producers: Southern Charms, ALS Scan Inc. (ALS Angels,...), (Suze Randall),, "Teenfuns",
  4. No complete movies or picture sets from paysites: For pictures, maximum per day is 15 pictures in total from paysites and no more than 5 pictures from any one set.
  5. Keep the content "girl only". Girl on girl action is okay, but do not post (or link to) pics or videos with boy/girl action.
  6. No Spam or advertising of any kind (this includes redirection services like or, no Password Trading or other illegal activities
  7. Upload your pictures on public image hosts - hotlinking images is only ok if the according image host allows that. Don't hotlink images from other websites!
  8. No fake pictures (ie., photos altered by anyone other than the original photographer and/or copyright holder). Final decision rests with the moderation team.
  9. No flaming or fighting in public. If there's trouble, keep it on PM and contact a moderator for help, if necessary. Also don't abuse the thread/post rating systems for revenge actions.
  10. Special rules for individual parts of the forum may apply, please read the sticky posts in the corresponding forum before posting there.
  11. Keep in mind that failure to comply with the forum rules will result in infractions and may get you banned from the forum.

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