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Karmen Bella
I haven't seen her here before. But i think this labia should be placed here.

AKA: Serena
Born [dd-mm-yyyy]: 19-03-1995
Birthplace: United States of America
First Seen: 2015
Measurements: 32C-22-30 / ~81-56-76
Height: 5'7 / ~1.70
Hair Colour: Black
Breasts: Medium (Real)

Images from the exotic4k set - Luscious Lips

[Image: a5439d418919164.jpg] [Image: 7f6e33418919177.jpg] [Image: c764ab418919190.jpg] [Image: c026f2418919208.jpg] [Image: 5225c3418919217.jpg]

Images courtesy of
She has beautiful black pussy lips.
Thanks given by:
Pictures of Karmen Bella from ATKExotics' Set #315967 (East Indian*) set, May 8, 2015, @ 2000 x 3000:

[Image: th_706353324_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_5_8_15_1_122_375lo.jpg].[Image: th_706367288_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_5_8_15_3_122_94lo.jpg].[Image: th_706360262_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_5_8_15_2_122_70lo.jpg]

[Image: th_706374850_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_5_8_15_4_122_407lo.jpg].[Image: th_706380476_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_5_8_15_5_122_120lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network

* reported as being "Latina" as well
I generally prefer Caucasian women with light skin, but this woman is hot!
Thanks given by: Knightoe
WOW. What an amazingly beautiful woman. Really love her sexy look and her beautiful pussy. Yum Yum YUM!

Here's another set of this amazing woman

Images of Karmen Bella from Digital Desire's "Set #11857" (2000 x 3000)

[Image: th_706505120_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11857_6_9_..._242lo.jpg] [Image: th_706508286_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11857_6_9_...2_15lo.jpg] [Image: th_706511396_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11857_6_9_..._341lo.jpg]

[Image: th_706516194_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11857_6_9_..._343lo.jpg] [Image: th_706521781_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11857_6_9_..._115lo.jpg]

More at Digital Desire

And again, it's so awesome when the girl has such a big beautiful smile on her pretty face as she spreads her labia for the camera. That's always so fucking Hot!
Images of Karmen Bella from ATKExotics, "Set #315959", 2015-04-22, (2000x3000)

[Image: ta0qn8gry5na.jpg] [Image: qa2sqedrliwf.jpg] [Image: huc5kxhkgep1.jpg]
[Image: jrzyd0ideqxg.jpg] [Image: 12aj8pvrzhkd.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Karmen Bella from ATKExotics' Set #315181, April 10, 2015, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_016313437_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315181_1_122_185lo.jpg].[Image: th_163138480_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315181_2_122_5lo.jpg].[Image: th_163142359_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315181_3_122_38lo.jpg]

[Image: th_016314646_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315181_4_122_30lo.jpg].[Image: th_163149228_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315181_5_122_556lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Karmen Bella from ATKExotics' Set #315963, April 29, 2015, @ 1365 x 2048:

[Image: th_251055130_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315963_1_122_498lo.jpg].[Image: th_251059602_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315963_2_122_477lo.jpg].[Image: th_251064370_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315963_3_122_626lo.jpg]

[Image: th_251068761_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315963_4_122_343lo.jpg].[Image: th_251071417_Karmen_Bella_atk_ex_315963_5_122_106lo.jpg]

Credit to ATKExotics, a member of the AMKingdom Network
Pictures of Karmen Bella from Exotic4K's Hot Indian Girl set, October 28, 2015, @ 1000 x 1500:

[Image: th_373120119_Karmen_Bella_e4k_hot_indian..._489lo.jpg].[Image: th_373123123_Karmen_Bella_e4k_hot_indian..._578lo.jpg]

[Image: th_373125383_Karmen_Bella_e4k_hot_indian..._256lo.jpg]

[Image: th_373128340_Karmen_Bella_e4k_hot_indian..._514lo.jpg].[Image: th_373130697_Karmen_Bella_e4k_hot_indian..._204lo.jpg]

Credit to Exotic4K
Pictures of Karmen Bella from DigitalDesire's Set #11859, February 4, 2017, @ 2000 x 3000:

[Image: th_463062469_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11859_1_122_85lo.jpg].[Image: th_463065589_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11859_2_122_35lo.jpg].[Image: th_463075672_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11859_5_122_594lo.jpg]

[Image: th_463071110_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11859_4_122_474lo.jpg].[Image: th_463067635_Karmen_Bella_d_d_11859_3_122_202lo.jpg]

More at Digital Desire
Thanks given by: Redpixel , cumbie , lippenfreund , xxl4skin , woohoo

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