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Do You Remember Your First Orgasm?
If you remember the first time you came, and you wish to share your story, please do!

I can remember mine like it was yesterday, even though it happened long ago. Here goes:

Do You Remember Your First Orgasm?

I'll never forget mine. It was a hot August day. I was a seven year old kid playing alone in his back yard. My Mom would leave me outside for hours while she gossiped with friends or watched television. It was boring playing with toys, and hot in the sun, so I went into our garage to explore and get some shade. It looked like an old wooden shed broken down and filled with junk. No one went inside except Dad when he needed to fix something.

The door was unlocked and once inside I found an old tote bag filled with sports equipment and trophies. While rummaging through the contents I dropped it and everything spilled onto the floor.
I had to crawl under the workbench to pick stuff up and that's when I saw a magazine stashed underneath; tucked into a crevice. I brought it near the window and was stunned. A women and man were on the cover french kissing and you could see her naked breasts. Inside there were pictures of women undressing, and posing naked for the camera. With large close-up's of their breasts and pussies. Then the pictures would get more graphic.

Close-up's from every angle of these women being fucked; sucking erect cocks, taking cumshots in their mouths, and their hairy pussies stuffed with a cock, then dripping with cum.
This was my first time seeing a woman's vagina. I felt very strange like I was doing something bad and going to get in trouble. But I couldn't look away. The white stuff coming out of the men's penis' shocked me; I didn't understand it. (I am using these words: pussy, cum, cock, etc. because I know them now, but when this happened I had no words to describe what I saw, I just stared at the pictures in disbelief).

Then I saw a blonde woman undressing beside a swimming pool and thought, "she is the most beautiful woman ever". I loved everything about her. She had light white skin and small breasts and large blue eyes. Her long blonde hair was pulled back showing off rosy cheeks, it looked like she was blushing and her nipples and pussy were that same rosy color. Her pubic hair was light brown and soft looking, and her pussy seemed different somehow than the other women. It was big and meaty looking, a little open so you could see a hole. I didn't have the words then to describe it, but it totally captivated me.

I was seeing for the first time large, thick labia, pink and crinkly looking. I turned the pages to see more, and suddenly she was inside a house, the floor was covered in plastic and her skin was all shiny with oil. She was on all fours leaning on elbows looking back as a man fucked her from behind. He was naked too and covered in oil. The pictures showed him thrusting into that big, gorgeous pussy, and the expression on her face as she looked back was ecstacy. The man was gripping her ass really tight as he shot a stream of cum onto it. His face was a grimace of pain.

Finally there was a close-up of her doggystyle from behind, arched back, ass and pussy raised. Her labia were spread out and her hole was very open and wet. The cum was dripping down her pubic hair onto the plastic in between her knees. It seemed like I looked at that one page for five minutes, staring at his cock and the cumshot, and the close-up of her beautiful gaping pussy. While staring at her pussy I started to feel a strange pressure in my shorts. Standing up I pulled them down around my ankles and out popped my penis, fully erect, bobbing up and down from the force of my shorts being pulled off. I couldn't believe it! This was my first erection.

For a while I stared in amazement. Looking at that man's penis in the magazine I realised mine was just like his. I thought to myself, "Oh wow is white stuff going to come out of mine too?" I grabbed my penis to check and as my hand slid over the head and just underneath I felt a sensation like nothing i'd ever experienced. Exquisite pleasure. It flowed from my penis through my body like powerful waves. As I moved my hand the waves grew stronger. I was so excited by what was happening I didn't realise a voice outside was calling my name.

It was my Mom! She was looking for me. I pulled my shorts on, pushed the magazine under the bench, and made my way back to the house. I felt self-conscious thinking my Mom might notice the bulge in my shorts; or somehow she knows what I was doing. But by the time I got to the door it was gone. She asked me where I was and said come inside for dinner. All I could think of that night was the magazine and that blonde angel, and how much I want to read it again. It took several days before I got the chance because we went camping. As soon as we returned I looked for every opportunity to get back to the garage. Some neighbor kids were in the back alley heading to the park so I asked if I could go with them and Mom said yes.

I went with them a ways then said I forgot something and will come later. Sneaking back to my yard I slipped into the garage, grabbed the magazine hiding it inside a towel, then snuck back to the alley and across the road into a neighbors garage. There was an old parked car which they never drove. I sat down behind it where no one could see me and pulled out the magazine. My hands were almost trembling with anticipation. I looked through the magazine this time starting at the back, to see all the stuff I never saw yet, it didn't take long and I was back at the blonde angel.

As I looked at her I felt my erection starting and pulled my shorts down. Laying the magazine in between my knees I held my erection in my right hand and started stroking it, exploring every part with my hand. When I rubbed over the head, and just underneath the feeling was incredible. Those powerful waves of pleasure flowing again. A tingling, tickling sensation of deep pleasure that spread out to my entire body. I turned the pages absorbing all her beauty as she undressed. The curves of her hips and ass, her long sexy legs and perfect little feet, those rosy nipples and that gorgeous, amazing pussy. Then there she was covered in oil, on all fours, looking back as he thrusts into her erotic hole. Her pussy was spread open, with those thick, glistening labia pushed outward to make room for the cock buried in it. It looked better than anything I ever saw.

I was stroking my cock fast at this point and the pleasure was intense. Leaning my shoulders back against the cement wall my hand was jerking so quick it looked like a blur. I was sweating and my arm was tired, I thought white stuff would shoot out any second, and was wondering how long until it does. I didn't know what was supposed to happen, and remember feeling kind of frustrated. As I stared at the close-up of her cum soaked pussy, and that look of YES! on her beautful face, I felt a rush of extreme pleasure explode inside me, like being hit by a massive wave. As I orgasmed my body seemed to freeze then involuntarily spasm, my head nodded and my eyes closed. I must have passed out. When I came to I looked at my penis for white liquid but there was none. I was a little disappointed.

I sat relaxing for a while longer, reflecting on what had just happened, then I put my shorts back on, gently folded my little blonde angel into the towel, and went home.

I wrote that story the other night after attempting to understand what drives me to search for women with large labia. And why I get so excited seeing them in certain positions, especially blonde woman with light, white skin, lying down on their stomach, or leaning on hands and knees with arched back, showing their gaping pussy with big crinkly, pink labia spreading out. It's because this is what I saw in that magazine when I was so young. Something perhaps i should never have seen at that age. Be that as it may, all my life since then I have been drawn to this type of woman.
Thanks given by: kberly , oykbo
My first time cumming was also to a magazine, but at the time I didn't understand that I could jerk myself off, I discovered that a bit later, it was me just viewing the girls in the pages, with lesbian sex really turning me on back then while I rubbed my cock under myself into the sheets, so I was on my stomach thrusting like I was indeed fucking a girl. I had no idea I would gush like I did when I did, and it felt so fucking good and I came most of the time like that for a long while, only realizing much later that gripping my cock in my hand and jerking it could feel even better. People these days have the internet to teach them how best to have a orgasm by yourself, lol.
And I would focus on the girls cunt the most while I masturbated, which I still do, which is strange that even before I knew how amazing your cock feels deep inside a hot wet cunt that is what turned me on the most, so I guess it's built into us guys. that's my share, anyone else?
I love labia minora Drool
Thanks given by: Spagetti
I think everyone remembers their first.

(06-23-2015, 12:20 AM)Spagetti Wrote: If you remember the first time you came, and you wish to share your story, please do!

I can remember mine like it was yesterday, even though it happened long ago. Here goes:

Do You Remember Your First Orgasm?

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Yep, my first real orgasm was when I won 200 dollars with online gambling Grin ... still remember it. [ADMIN: deleted unnecessary link]
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Yes, of course!!
If you are not totally drunk or on drugs you probably remember it ...
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