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Michelle Moist
Pictures of Michelle Moist from the Twistys I've been waiting all day set @ 2000 x 3000:

[Image: th_712322975_Michelle_Moist_twisty_waiti..._337lo.jpg].[Image: th_712331296_Michelle_Moist_twisty_waiti..._652lo.jpg].[Image: th_712343989_Michelle_Moist_twisty_waiti..._507lo.jpg]

[Image: th_712353863_Michelle_Moist_twisty_waiti..._469lo.jpg].[Image: th_712366787_Michelle_Moist_twisty_waiti..._514lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Thanks given by: oykbo , Spagetti , ruuhann , butterdog , cumbie
Images of Michelle Moist from the VintageFlash "Pervy Playtime" set (2008 x 3000)

[Image: th_288697092_Michlle_Moist_V_flash_pervy..._251lo.jpg] [Image: th_886978455_Michlle_Moist_V_flash_pervy..._401lo.jpg]

[Image: th_288698611_Michlle_Moist_V_flash_pervy..._490lo.jpg] [Image: th_288699427_Michlle_Moist_V_flash_pervy...2_84lo.jpg]

Credit to VintageFlash
Thanks given by: Spagetti , oykbo , Knightoe , butterdog , cumbie
She has a nice vagina but it's her face that really turns me on
Thanks given by: ruuhann
Pictures of Michelle Moist from a mix of two Art-Lingerie sets ... all @ 2000 x 3000

Stockings with red-lace garter:

[Image: th_329773174_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie..._346lo.jpg].[Image: th_977324369_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie...22_8lo.jpg].[Image: th_977330530_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie..._582lo.jpg]

Stockings with a blue & black-lace garter:

[Image: th_977335749_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie..._467lo.jpg].[Image: th_977339953_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie..._573lo.jpg].[Image: th_977343220_Michelle_Moist_art_lingerie...1044lo.jpg]

Credit to Art-Lingerie
Thanks given by: oykbo , ruuhann , butterdog , cumbie
And another "twofer" Grin Pictures of Michelle Moist from two different sets by VFAcademy ... all @ 1071 x 1600.

From the Bookworm .. NOT! set:

[Image: th_070752436_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_bo...22_4lo.jpg].[Image: th_070756992_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_bo..._340lo.jpg].[Image: th_070761971_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_bo..._187lo.jpg]

And from the Panties for Ms. Rouge set:

[Image: th_070764751_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_pa..._470lo.jpg].[Image: th_070769149_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_pa..._402lo.jpg].[Image: th_070773916_Michelle_Moist_VFacademy_pa..._543lo.jpg]

Credit to VFAcademy
Thanks given by: oykbo , butterdog , ruuhann , cumbie
I was quite surprised to find Michelle Moist listed under “Celebrities with Large Labia Minora.”   I am not disputing that Michelle has got nice meaty cunt lips, but for me she has always been a glamour model and porn actress rather than a true celebrity.    OK, she has appeared on TV, but as far as I know, only on adult, rather than mainstream channels.   The same can be said for many other Brit models and porn girls who have threads in the Erotic Models section of the Forum such as Lolly Badcock, Michelle Thorne and Lynda Leigh.   Anyway, for those interested, Michelle’s real name is Rachel Mayer and her measurements are 32B-25-32.   These pics of her showing her cunt are from an Anilos set which was first seen on 3rd December 2016.

[Image: WXf4gCy.jpg]

[Image: EcwDuOS.jpg]

[Image: rIoGoIO.jpg]

[Image: 3QIAcKf.jpg]

[Image: 0IXh3Pp.jpg]
Thanks given by: cumbie , woohoo , Redpixel

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