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Anikka Albrite
AKA: Anikka, Anikka Albright, Annika Albrite, Annikka Albrite
DOB: October 28, 1984

What can I say.............Stunning, springs to mind :-)

[Image: th_182080548_Anikka_Albrite_itc_628_1_122_432lo.jpg] [Image: th_918208611_Anikka_Albrite_itc_628_2_122_546lo.jpg] [Image: th_182091794_Anikka_Albrite_itc_628_3_122_58lo.jpg]
[Image: th_182096788_Anikka_Albrite_itc_628_4_122_513lo.jpg] [Image: th_182103512_Anikka_Albrite_itc_628_5_122_214lo.jpg]

Pictures from InTheCrack's Set 628, January 17, 2012 ... More at Inthecrack
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Her pussy looks great in those photo's; nice sized lips.

Have you checked out Niki Lee Young? She has done several inthecrack sets. She doesn't have huge labia, but she is so beautiful. When she plays with her pussy and masturbates it's too much!!
Thanks given by: ruuhann
Thanks, Spagetti. I will be sure to check out Niki Lee Young. I love watching girls masturbate. And talking dirty while they do it, so if you have any recommendations on that, I'm all ears.
Thanks given by:
Pictures of Anikka Albrite from the Twistys In the right mood set @ 2001 x 3000:

[Image: th_926999463_Anikka_Albrite_twisty_right...2_13lo.jpg].[Image: th_927006273_Anikka_Albrite_twisty_right..._732lo.jpg].[Image: th_927013936_Anikka_Albrite_twisty_right..._259lo.jpg]

[Image: th_927020447_Anikka_Albrite_twisty_right..._218lo.jpg].[Image: th_927026527_Anikka_Albrite_twisty_right..._219lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Thanks given by: butterdog , ruuhann , oykbo , Spagetti , cumbie , lippenfreund
Adding to the fun!!! Enjoy.
Images of Anikka Albrite from InTheCrack's Set #842 (1800 x 2400):

[Image: th_927340858_Anikka_Albrite_itc_842_1_122_63lo.jpg] [Image: th_927346662_Anikka_Albrite_itc_842_2_122_548lo.jpg] [Image: th_192735498_Anikka_Albrite_itc_842_3_122_480lo.jpg]

[Image: th_927359127_Anikka_Albrite_itc_842_4_122_763lo.jpg] [Image: th_927365397_Anikka_Albrite_itc_842_5_122_545lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
Pictures of Anikka Albrite from the BABES Passion to Spare set @ 1663 x 2493:

[Image: th_926591953_Anikka_Albrite_babes_passio..._598lo.jpg].[Image: th_926594672_Anikka_Albrite_babes_passio..._109lo.jpg].[Image: th_926596801_Anikka_Albrite_babes_passio..._239lo.jpg]

[Image: th_182936614_Anikka_Albrite_babes_passio..._357lo.jpg].[Image: th_926601731_Anikka_Albrite_babes_passio..._525lo.jpg]

Credit to BABES
Thanks given by: oykbo , ruuhann , cumbie , lippenfreund
Here she is again, and she's got her smile on! So hot and so sexy. Enjoy.

Images of Anikka Albrite from InTheCrack's Set 868 (1800 x 2400):

[Image: th_927534852_Anikka_Albrite_itc_868_1_122_571lo.jpg] [Image: th_927542852_Anikka_Albrite_itc_868_2_122_580lo.jpg] [Image: th_927550936_Anikka_Albrite_itc_868_3_122_1101lo.jpg]

[Image: th_927556546_Anikka_Albrite_itc_868_4_122_962lo.jpg] [Image: th_927564854_Anikka_Albrite_itc_868_5_122_505lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
Thanks given by: oykbo , Knightoe , cumbie , lippenfreund
Pictures of Anikka Albrite from BikiniRIOT's Blue Micro Bikini set @ 1333 x 2000:

[Image: th_926744545_Anikka_Albrite_bikini_riot_..._410lo.jpg].[Image: th_192675079_Anikka_Albrite_bikini_riot_..._381lo.jpg].[Image: th_926755722_Anikka_Albrite_bikini_riot_..._410lo.jpg]

[Image: th_926760698_Anikka_Albrite_bikini_riot_..._785lo.jpg].[Image: th_926764637_Anikka_Albrite_bikini_riot_...2_14lo.jpg]

Credit to BikiniRIOT
Thanks given by: oykbo , ruuhann , cumbie , lippenfreund
Images of Anikka Albrite from InTheCrack's Set #789 (1800 x 2400):

[Image: th_927156576_Anikka_Albrite_itc_789_1_122_216lo.jpg] [Image: th_927164668_Anikka_Albrite_itc_789_2_122_902lo.jpg] [Image: th_927170526_Anikka_Albrite_itc_789_3_122_621lo.jpg]

[Image: th_927177366_Anikka_Albrite_itc_789_4_122_866lo.jpg] [Image: th_927186712_Anikka_Albrite_itc_789_5_122_64lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
Thanks given by: butterdog , Knightoe , cumbie , lippenfreund
Dang! InTheCrack sure knows how to bring out the best in a girl eh? Great set of pics ~ thanks ruuhann Thumbs
Thanks given by: ruuhann

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