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Abbie Marie .... Sexy MILF
AKA: Mercedes Johnson, Lexus Smith
DOB: May 29, 1978
USA ~ Texas

Bodybuilder and fitness model. 36 years old and going strong Thumbs

Pictures of Mercedes Johnson from the KarupsOW couch(?) set @ 683 x 1024:

[Image: th_827929247_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_1_122_210lo.jpg].[Image: th_827933727_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_2_122_416lo.jpg].[Image: th_827936750_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_3_122_127lo.jpg]

[Image: th_827940168_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_4_122_153lo.jpg].[Image: th_827943237_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_5_122_229lo.jpg]

Credit to Karups Older Women
WOW! This Abbie Marie is hot! Thanks Knightoe and Gratz on your 1000's post. Great job.

Using her Lexus Smith Alias, images from the Anilos "nurse" set (800 x 1200)

[Image: th_754108332_Lexus_Smith_anilos_nurse_1_122_231lo.jpg] [Image: th_754110352_Lexus_Smith_anilos_nurse_2_122_102lo.jpg]

[Image: th_754113124_Lexus_Smith_anilos_nurse_3_122_516lo.jpg] [Image: th_754115665_Lexus_Smith_anilos_nurse_4_122_5lo.jpg]

Credit to Anilos
Thanks given by: Knightoe , Possomhunter , cumbie , woohoo , lippenfreund
ruuhann Wrote:.... Thanks Knightoe and Gratz on your 1000's post. Great job.
Thanks ruuhann Beer3

Glad you like Mercedes/Lexus. She also has dozens of pictures sets from her earlier years, mostly in the "muscle"/fitness genre. She was featured in Ironman Magazine awhile back. She has lots of "unpostable hardcore" sets too Whistling
Thanks given by: ruuhann
I'm all but speechless OMG. She has an amazing pussy and clit WOW thank you
Thanks given by: Knightoe
Pictures of Mercedes from the KarupsOW "stairs"(?) set @ 683 x 1024:

[Image: th_828235404_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_s..._132lo.jpg].[Image: th_828239396_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_s..._459lo.jpg]

[Image: th_828237280_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_s..._515lo.jpg].[Image: th_828242840_Mercedes_Johnson_karupsow_s..._151lo.jpg]

Credit to Karups Older Women
Enjoy these photos and Thanks for your pics too Knightoe. I would let her have her way with me. Love her rock hard body.

As Lexus Smith, images from the Anilos "Workout" set (800 x 1200)

[Image: th_754429685_Lexus_Smith_anilos_workout_1_122_193lo.jpg] [Image: th_754432123_Lexus_Smith_anilos_workout_2_122_430lo.jpg] [Image: th_754434123_Lexus_Smith_anilos_workout_3_122_46lo.jpg]

[Image: th_754436815_Lexus_Smith_anilos_workout_4_122_598lo.jpg] [Image: th_754438620_Lexus_Smith_anilos_workout_5_122_84lo.jpg]

Credit to Anilos
She is Amazing beyond belief. Thank you
Thanks given by: ruuhann
Images of Lexus Smith from Anilos, "Big wet clit " set, May 14, 2013, (1600x2400)

[Image: 115573520_lexus_smith_s1_71.jpg] [Image: 115573521_lexus_smith_s1_74.jpg] [Image: 115573522_lexus_smith_s1_61.jpg]
[Image: 115573523_lexus_smith_s1_65.jpg] [Image: 115573524_lexus_smith_s1_48.jpg]

Credit to ANILOS
Thanks given by: Knightoe , Labialoves , cumbie , FavorTheBold , woohoo
[Image: HEXKzHX.jpg]

This is Abbie Marie, who already has a thread on the Forum is another female bodybuilder. 

Hmmm … I wonder if my theory that weightlifting not only increases a girl’s muscles, it increases the length of her cunt lips and her clitoris applies to Abbie too? 

So let’s take a look at what is underneath her white panties …

[Image: WBWe9zN.jpg]

[Image: 72FdVkr.jpg]

[Image: rd5mF44.jpg]

[Image: kO1vXMO.jpg]

Photographs from Aziani Iron
Thanks given by: Redpixel , woohoo , nealxnyc , cumbie , lippenfreund
WOW! One hot babe! Fantastic cunt meat and an amazing clit!!!
Thanks given by:

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