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Self done labia cut off - lottalipp - 08-31-2019

I met today finnish woman who had cut her both inner labia off. 
I started to admire her well developed lips but when I touched her labia the edge was stick to her vestibule and she has no lips left to stretch. 

Then she told me that she had  hurt herself about 15 years ago and cut her inner labia off.
That’s the reason her labia looks so odd and abnormal. 
She said that before her lips were wavy and butterfly shaped at beginning of the top. 

Her pussy was still quite meaty and she had loose clithood and pronounced clit as well. 

What to told to her? I said I admire large inner labia and hoped you never done that...

I also asked her about bleeding and other comlications, she said ”yes, it hurt s lot.”