- large labia are beautiful and sexy

Full Version: Chastity Lynn .... Ohhh mama, this girl's got labia!
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AKA: Chastity Lynne, Hailey
DOB: March 15, 1984

Model and pornstar. Check out Chastity's incredible labia.
These are selected pics from 4 different Twisty's sets.
Clickable thumbnails:

[Image: th_019836796_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_1_122_392lo.jpg].[Image: th_019892717_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_2_122_190lo.jpg].[Image: th_401995256_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_3_122_182lo.jpg]

[Image: th_667352580_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_5_122_451lo.jpg].[Image: th_020180845_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_Ass_a..._947lo.jpg]

Labia content above created and owned by Twistys
Excellent post! The labia minora of Chastity Lynn is really large, wow! Wow
More pictures of Chastity's sweet labia minora.
Selected images from a photo-shoot for in-the-crack.
Clickable thumbnails:

[Image: th_017766723_Chastity_Lynn_itc_414_4_122_59lo.jpg].[Image: th_559433780_Chastity_Lynn_itc_414_2_122_448lo.jpg].[Image: th_018002984_Chastity_Lynn_itc_414_3_122_247lo.jpg]

[Image: th_018075786_Chastity_Lynn_itc_414_1_122_519lo.jpg].[Image: th_018177789_Chastity_Lynn_itc_414_5_122_499lo.jpg]

More at Inthecrack
Chastity showing her incredible labia in photo-shoots for Nubiles.
Selected images. Clickable thumbnails:

[Image: th_018898506_Chastity_Lynn_nubiles_1_122_436lo.jpg].[Image: th_019102614_Chastity_Lynn_nubiles_2_122_556lo.jpg].[Image: th_019188867_Chastity_Lynn_nubiles_3_122_499lo.jpg].[Image: th_019247564_Chastity_Lynn_nubiles_4_122_150lo.jpg]

Credits to Nubiles
Excellent, thanks for the additional pics! Smiley321kb
Awesome set of photos. Thanks.
Just had to bring the amazingly sexy Chastity Lynn back as she has another awesome photo set from Twistys.

Images of Chastity from Twistys "Ass and sass" set (2000 x 3000)

[Image: th_687062167_Chastity_Lynn_twistys_ass_s..._368lo.jpg] [Image: th_687069502_Chastity_Lynn_twistys_ass_s..._385lo.jpg] [Image: th_687075792_Chastity_Lynn_twistys_ass_s...2_61lo.jpg]

[Image: th_687081697_Chastity_Lynn_twistys_ass_s..._700lo.jpg] [Image: th_368708897_Chastity_Lynn_twistys_ass_s..._538lo.jpg]

Credit to Twistys
Sweet! Thumbs Look at the age difference between the set in Post #4 and this last one ~ incredible. She's "all growed up" now ..... and sexy as ever Drool Thanks for this ruuhann
Here are a few more pictures of her from her "Stop by and stay awhile" photo-shoot. To which I say, "Thank you, don't mind if I do." Fuck she's sexy! Enjoy.

[Image: th_686808621_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_stay_...2_71lo.jpg] [Image: th_686812179_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_stay_..._445lo.jpg] [Image: th_686815175_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_stay_..._742lo.jpg]

[Image: th_686817800_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_stay_...2_39lo.jpg] [Image: th_686821526_Chastity_Lynn_Twistys_stay_...22_2lo.jpg]

Credit to Twistys
Beautiful labia...
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