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Full Version: Jessie Andrews
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The last time that we looked up this young lady’s skirt, she wasn’t wearing any panties, but in this set she has chosen to keep her cunt covered, at least for the moment.   The young lady concerned is Miss Jessie Andrews who previously was seen flashing her cunt with Ariella Ferrera on the Forum a couple of days ago.   But Jessie’s tight innie cunt deserves its own thread on the Forum – so here goes.   She was born in Miami, Florida, as Julie Helmcamp on 12 March 1992 and she has been showing her 34B tits and her delightful cunt on the internet since 2010.   Here she is as an 18 year old in a ATK set which was first seen on 27 August 2010 and recycled on 22 February 2020.

[Image: qWGZkWZ.jpg]

[Image: TDKgsXG.jpg]

[Image: YiXNs0F.jpg]

[Image: p31H2KD.jpg]

[Image: ZsejWZv.jpg]

Here is the delightful Miss Jessie Andrews happily showing her hairy innie cunt and wet vagina in an ATKingdom set which was first seen on 21 October 2012

[Image: DMd9ZrR.jpg]

[Image: 8d0ZRcl.jpg]

[Image: AVDljgF.jpg]

[Image: qpKSkCl.jpg]

[Image: G4uYENp.jpg]

Wake up!    Rise and shine!     And who wouldn’t want to wake up alongside vivacious blonde Miss Jessie Andrews?    As you can see, Jessie already has her hand inside her pyjama bottoms playing with her lovely tight innie cunt to make it nice and wet which you will see in the final pic. The pics are from an undated set from the Oral Quickies website.

[Image: BOFhzgE.jpg]

[Image: KTQ9OfB.jpg]

[Image: EDe9QFD.jpg]

[Image: DtAq2Tu.jpg]

[Image: WwYLlG9.jpg]