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Full Version: Myra Glasford
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Introducing a pretty American teenager, Miss Myra Glasford to the Forum and we begin with a great upskirt shot of her in white see-thru panties through which it’s not too hard to see that underneath, the young lady has a tight innie cunt.

[Image: NOjb8x9.jpg]

And if you needed any proof, here is Myra with her panties pulled down …

[Image: sr4EQwj.jpg]

This close-up of Myra's cunt could have been taken when she was a little girl until you look closer and you can see the stubble of Myra’s minge which she had shaved sometime before the shoot.

[Image: oanyXsQ.jpg]

Even when Myra opens her legs she still has an innie cunt …

[Image: PdSANag.jpg]

It is not until Myra spreads her legs really wide that her clit hood and tiny piss flaps pop out.   These pics are from an Abby Winters set titled “Natural Redhead” which was first seen on
3 June 2021.

[Image: iSXHPZk.jpg]

Here is the pretty American teenager Myra Glasford who I introduced to the Forum yesterday, this time as just Myra in a set from FTV Girls which was released on 14 November 2020.   We begin with Myra showing her innie cunt again before fucking herself with a huge plastic dildo and then holding her cunt open to show us herbeautiful wet vagina.

[Image: GxNcvj3.jpg]

[Image: Oan1ZS8.jpg]

[Image: diiJd34.jpg]

[Image: XivAgU5.jpg]

[Image: 7KrzFKQ.jpg]
Here is Myra Glasford in an FTV set where she goes by the name Myra.   In this set, which was also released on 14 November 2020, we can see that Myra has not shaved her cunt before the shoot and she has a naturally ginger minge.

[Image: wFYeHRU.jpg]

[Image: E6i6K1W.jpg]

[Image: yhB2XM3.jpg]

[Image: xWca5Uj.jpg]

[Image: ID4aQu6.jpg]